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a love poem

Submitted: August 07, 2013

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



anything for you i would gladly do 

through the fires of hell i would burn for you 

these feelings are special something specific 

to me my friend you are salvific 

whenever im weary,down,or without us 

i need think only of you,you're always salubrious 

you're there when i need you no matter how near or how far 

no figment of my imagination but what is you're personae 

you are the one that i think of at night 

you are the one that turns on my light 

no road is too long if you're at the end 

to be with you now all rules i would bend 

being around you exists purely to irritant 

these feelings for you will always be extant 

i dont know where im going or where i have been 

but i do know that you're in all that i've seen 

i have seen you in thought i have seen you in deed 

i have seen you in dreams but my heart will still bleed 

more thoughts of you extinguish my fears 

i see you again and you eliminate the years 

spent in solitude spent without you 

theres nothing for you that i would not do.

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