killing the past

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one of my less depressing numbers,about starting fresh and finally having a good day

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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Submitted: July 30, 2013



A new beggining, a brand new day

starting afresh, in permanent may

The streets are alive, with the sound of singing

last traces of spring, still gently lingering.

Wel'l walk in the forest, wel'l walk in the fells

Wel'l walk on the beach,collecting strangeshells

throw caution to the wind, Wel'l run on for days

living as we want, who cares what they say.

Animals surround us, natures our friend

and if shes in need, a hand we will lend

a sparrowhawk hovers, on the crest of a hill

A shriek from it's prey, as it swoops for the kill.

Here life is special, nothings to fast

were starting life new, away with the past

back to our childhood, naive in our sight

making it last, we're winning the fight.

No one will part us, or steal our findings

no one can touch us, or break our bindings

were in our own world, where life is so sweet

we like it so much, our hearts miss a beat.

The sun has gone down, on a day to remember

tommorow a new day, wel'l still burn the ember

the moon shines so bright, it dazzles our eyes

as we stare at the stars, that blanket the skies.

Wel'l carry on living,as best as we sit fit

in an inexhaustable daydream, we've only just lit


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