reliving my past

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love lost

i was thinking of you when i stumbled

over the holes in my head

searching for the life i had fumbled

must be careful now where i tread

i was thinking of times gone forever

waiting for what life would bring

you said you would leave me never

now i sit here clutching the ring

i was thinking of clouds on a cool breeze

floating helplessly bye

like ships in a storm on the high seas

are we all going to die?

no men were all going to make it

the captain says to his crew

trying to be strong not to fake it

but deep down he knew it too

my hopes are all leaves on an oak tree

but now you prefer him to me

as the last one falls on a dark autumnal day

with it last hope floats away

i was thinking of times spent alone

sleepless i lie in my bed

nothing to do i sit by the phone

thoughts of you invade my head

for days i have lay here not moving

digesting all that you said

i realise its nothing im prooving

cant move my hands feel like lead

they are gradually opening wider 

the pearly gates are waiting for me

cant close them unless i can find her

no future that i can see

it seems i have been presumtious

its hell not heaven that im bound

not enough time being ritious

in pity and regret i have drowned

Submitted: July 29, 2013

© Copyright 2020 daddydoyle. All rights reserved.

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Hi just finished reading youre poem i liked this one keep up the good work daddy

Sat, August 3rd, 2013 8:08pm

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