War bloody War (part 2)

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The affects of the aftermath of war in a survivor. I wrote part 2 of the poem around 20 years ago and I have posted part 1 already, before reading part 2 please read part 1 and don't forget to comment and like thank you.

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013



Back to her senses, she now feels the pain

she thinks of her mentor, with bitter distain

she climbs to her feet, her whole body sore

her world falls apart, as she opens the door.

A city once proud, is brought to it's knees

a building clings on, Autumn leaves on the trees

She fights back her tears, hides her despair

Feeling so trapped, like a rat in a snare.


Averting her eyes, as she scales every rock

But there transfixed already, on a small bloodstained frock

She knew she shouldn't, but she just had to see

As she stares at the body she said, "I wish it was me"


Further she struggles, as the flies fill the skies

Further she struggles, as the sun burns her eyes

"I can't go much further", she shouts out loud

Like the P.M himself, addressing a crowd.

On once again, last throw of the dice

Water sweet water, would surely suffice

She slips on a stone, and it cuts like a blade

She falls to the ground, as her hope starts to fade.

Never so lonely, and never so scared

She thinks of the good times, that we have shared

She let's go of life, she's drawn the short straw

But why are we fighting, this war bloody war.

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