The Devils Deed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Young Max McCall has an old friend, Ace. She doesn't suspect much from him due to his strange disappearing all the time, soon she meets other strange friends as she starts school again after he mothers sudden death. These strange friends soon reveal themselves to be very different from everyone else she knows, how will this affect her life? Who can protect her from their greedy master Kyoko? Find out as you read this amazing journey as Max gets to know who she can trust and who she can't. Sometimes your enemy's can be right beside you and won't even know it.

A shadow cast across my bedroom floor, "Max?" I heard his soft tone calling out my name. My eyes followed the shadow to Ace, "Your here!" I instantly stood up with a smile filling my face from cheek to cheek. Ace made his way over to me through the darkness of my dimly lit bedroom, "Of course I'm here, why wouldn't I be?" he questioned, it sounded more as if he were questioning himself. I sat down at the end of my bed and gestured for him to join me. Ace was a bit quieter than I had expected, "Is everything alright Ace?" I asked looking up at him with a look of concern filling my crimson colored eyes. Ace sighed gently caressing my cheek, "I'm just glad I can see you again..." He answered softly, his gentle gaze making me melt inside. He had the power to do that, make your heart melt with just a small gaze you way. Ace was my life, he was probably the only person I knew that didn't up and leave me. I smiled, "Me to, I'm glad your here beside me right now," I replied.  He stood up slipping away into the shadow's beside my bedroom window. I saw his hand reach out pulling the curtains open letting the moon's light poor into my room filling it. As he stepped into the light in front of my window I saw his full figure, his perfect silky black hair, his beautiful emerald green eyes staring out into the night. I blushed slightly, I absolutely loved that far away look in his eyes, as if he were dreaming while being awake, "How long will you be staying for?" I inquired hoping he'd answer with a smile. Ace turned to me with a glimmer of sadness in his emerald green eyes, "I can't stay Max, I came to say goodbye." He explained quickly. I could tell he wasn't joking and this brought fresh tears to my eyes, "A-Ace? You just got here, don't leave me again," I murmured sadly feeling a tear trickling down my pale cheek. He appeared in front of me wiping my tears away, "I'll be back I promise, just please be careful." He spoke sternly when warning me to be careful. I saw his hurt smile before he disappeared, out of sight but on my mind. I crawled up to my pillow on my bed and laid down feeling sleep over power my sadness. As I slowly drifted off to sleep the darkness disappeared and it felt like Ace was there beside me, his sweet embrace around me as I slept. I smiled in my sleep feeling like myself again, I always wondered where Ace was always running off to, he never stayed longer than two days, it really made me wonder to myself, 'Does he even want to be around me anymore?' 


I walked into my school that day with pride on my ready shoulders. I had missed a lot of school lately because of my mother's death, it really wasn't something I was to upset over, I didn't like her anyways. But my father insisted I stayed home to grieve. I sighed as I stopped at my locker fiddling with the lock for a moment, I felt a hand on my shoulder, "Would you like some help?" A girl with shoulder length silver hair and bright blue eyes smiled back at me, I nodded slowly moving away so she could reach it. Her hands reached out and within a second of touching the lock it clicked open. I was a bit shocked, "Um, thank you, I'm Max. You must be new here I'm guessing?" I spoke quietly but loud enough that she heard me and no others did. My eyes averted to my locker as I slid my bag inside and grabbed my Physic and Math books, "I'm Huli Yin." she replied with a small smile. I nodded, "Do you have your schedule with you? We might have the same first class," I said with a grin as I shut my locker turning to her. She had such odd colored hair, "Yes I have Math first," She was rummaging through her bag for a pen. I giggled, "Follow me, and here." Passing her a pen as we began walking. She flashed me a grateful smile, "Thank you very much."
As we reached the classroom my eyes widened, "Nobody's here..?" I whispered to myself. Huli peered inside another classroom beside our math class, "Nobody here either Max," She said with a small worried frown. I wondered what she was worried about, maybe it was just an assembly we didn't know about. Huli looked around the hallway we were currently standing in, "I don't hear anybody either, it's as if everyone got up and left..." She said putting her books and pen back into her bag. I sighed feeling a bit to impatient for late classes, it was only moments ago that the school was filled with students and teachers. I started down the hallways peering into every classroom, even the gym was empty. Huli was by my side a glimmer of fear in her blue eyes. I felt a bit bad for her, her first day and something strange had happened. Huli stopped in her tracks looking frozen with fear. I followed her eyes down the hall, "What the hell is that?" I stepped back in fear of it getting closer to me. Huli grabbed my hand taking me back down the hall at a quick pace, "It's a Hellhound now run!" She replied in a shout. I felt a sense of relief as I saw the two wooden school doors that led us out back. Huli pushed them open and we bolted outside heading into the woods as fast as we could run. I could still hear the menacing growl and snarl of the huge black demon behind us, it was like it would never stop. My breaths shortened as darkness started to suck everything up around me, "H-Huli..." I whispered as I passed out on the soft moss filled ground. 
My crimson red eyes blinked open taking in the surroundings I was currently in, "Huli?" I muttered sitting up and rubbing my head gently, I felt a small bump and sighed, 'Clumsy me..' I thought. I looked around and noticed I was no longer laying on the soft moss in the forest behind our school, I was in someones home. I sat up quickly as I saw a boy staring back at me, his eyes filled with curiosity, "Your awake, good," He murmured with a grin. I sighed in relief, "Oh... you must have found me then? Is Huli here?" I asked hoping she was alright. The boy frowned, "Huli? No, I have not seen your friend." He replied, a polite tone. I nodded, "Oh, so she must have gotten away..." I breathed. The boy moved a bit closer to me, "Got away? From what if I may ask," He wondered aloud, I sighed lowly, "Well, me and my friend were in school and I guess a dog had gotten in.." I explained feeling out of breath just thinking about it. The boy got a bit tense, "O-Oh... that sounds scary..." He stuttered feeling nervous, "Um, I'm Kunan by the way," He smiled at me. I smiled back, "I'm Max, it's very nice to meet you," I answered happily. I stood up stretching, "I'm actually exhausted... I think I'll be heading home now," I mumbled stifling a yawn. Kunan looked down, 'Oh, alright, I hope to see you again!" He chimed with a small happy smile. I nodded and leaned hugging Kunan gently, "Thank you." I whispered before leaving. As I got outside I noticed his house was in the middle of the woods, that explains him finding me. I sighed grabbing my phone from my pocket putting on my favorite playlist of music, I put my head phones in my ears and danced happily through the woods on a small trail. I sang to myself silently slowing down a little bit, "I miss you Ace.." I whispered feeling so small and vulnerable without him around, I hated this feeling. It was another sign of weakness for me, and I knew I couldn't let my guard down. Not for anyone. I kept going until the sun had started to rise breaking into dawn. My exhaustion grew as I reached a high way. I heard small footsteps behind me and as I turned a smile reached my face, "Aw, are you lost little one?" I questioned the black dog who was now sitting in front of me. It let out a bark and wagged its puffy long tail. I giggle, "Would you like to join me on my journey home?" I asked leaning down to pet its soft ears. The dog jumped up with another bark so I continued on with the curious dog following at my feet. The sun rose a bit higher until I knew it must be noon by now. I wondered how Huli was doing, or if she even made it away in time. My eyes stung with some upcoming tears but I held them back. I couldn't give up on her now, she would be okay once I got back. At least, I hoped she would. 


"Is everything alright?" I heard Huli whisper to me as she leaned against the locker next to mine. I sighed, feeling my face grow pale at the memories of yesterday. I had found my way home but all I could think about was Ace, he had lied to me this whole entire time! And I knew this wasn't the Ace I grew to love. I slammed my locker shut resting my forehead on it, "Nothing's alright, it's all wrong, everything." I mumbled shutting my eyes. Huli gently rubbed my back attempting to comfort me. I turned and began walking down the hall clutching my books against my chest tightly almost as if they were trying to escape. Huli sighed as she watched me quickly making my way down the hall, "I don't know what we're going to do Kunan..." She whispered looking down at the black dog that was now my newest pet. Kunan gave a small nod of his snout and bark. Huli smiled before heading to the washroom. I walked a bit faster as I saw a way to familiar face, Ace's brother had enrolled in our high school just to get to me, I knew it. He followed behind me into the girls washroom on the very third floor of the school. Literally nobody came up here, unless you were a janitor or a teacher of course. I turned to face him, "What do you want from me? Answers? Because I sure as hell don't have any!" I shouted. Milu had a look of concern on his face, "Ace knows how this works, and our master isn't to happy with him for revealing himself to you." He explained looking down at his combat boots. I frowned, "What? Master? I don't understand..." I replied a bit quieter now. Milu gasped, "Oops, I really didn't mean to say that! But em, since your already know.... Our master ordered Ace to come and retrieve you so he can erase your memories of Ace and everything that happened," He said sadly. My jaw nearly hit the floor as he said this, "No! I won't let him, he can't  do that to me!" I started to feel so weak, my face grew paler by the second at the thought, I couldn't forget Ace, I loved him. It was so cruel of this 'master' to do this. It couldn't be to easy for him either. The lights started to flicker above us, a crackling sound outside of the washroom door. My shaky breaths got faster with panic, "Milu what's happening...." I whispered. Milu grabbed my hand, "Nevermind that let's get out of here!" He shouted pulling me out the door and down the hall. A fire had broken out and was spreading all upstairs soon hitting the middle floor. All of the students and teachers had escaped except for me, Milu, Kunan and Huli. I felt fear shock my whole body as I froze in spot causing Milu to stop as well. He followed my terrified gaze to Kunan, my newest pet. Kunan was shaking and started to howl, his eyes changed to a bright red and a cloud of black smoke hid his body. I managed to wriggle my hand out of Milu's death grip and run into the smoke feeling around for my dog. My hand collided with another, A human hand. I wondered if Huli had maybe gone in to save Kunan to. That's the name I had given the dog, he reminded me of the boy I had met in the woods. But this person wasn't Huli, as the smoke began to clear I saw that very same boy from the woods standing before me. His bright red eyes stopped glowing, he was wearing some black jeans but not shirt showing off his perfect abs and his muscled arms. I noticed a tattoo on his chest, it looked like a full moon. Once I finally figured out what had happened I was so terrified it made me shiver just looking at Kunan and Milu who were both surrounding me with worry on there faces. I slowly dropped to my knees, "Is nothing sane here anymore?" I questioned aloud, I looked around me as the school slowly burned away, the floors collapsing around us. I really wanted to run but I couldn't find it in me to move myself, my legs didn't want to work. Kunan quickly picked me up bridal-style and started to run with Milu at his side. We managed to escape through the back entrance so no students or teachers could see me slowly losing my sanity. I stood up on my own once Kunan set me down, "Now, I understand that I have a lot of explaining to do, but just please don't freak out!" He replied nervously. Milu rolled his eyes, "I'm pretty sure any sane human being would freak out after seeing their dog turn into a really hot dude." He said quietly almost to himself. Kunan kind of blushed but looked at me with concern, "So?" He spoke softly. I stood up and stared at the two of them for  a minute than slowly hugged Kunan tightly. He smiled hugging me back, "I'm so glad you understand," He whispered. Milu sighed feeling a bit impatient, "Max, memory erasing ring a bell?" He growled with a nasty glare in the direction of the woods. I turned quickly following his gaze, "Ace is here?" I asked him quietly. Milu nodded, "Yep, he's almost here, we need to get out of here." Milu suggested with a small nod. I nodded taking Kunan's hand into mine giving him a look to follow. We all managed to get away before Ace got close. But Ace had heard and seen everything that had happened, he hated how I looked at Kunan and was ready for revenge.  


"Where are we?" I questioned aloud taking in all of my surroundings. I knew this was no wheres near my home town, but then where could I have wandered off to? Question after question and worry after worry struck fear inside me, I didn't like this feeling at all. I was totally lost! My eyes were stinging for sleep, the dog that stood beside me didn't seem to keen of entering this small village either. It growled lowly it's fur standing on end. I started to turn when I felt something hit me in the side. I looked to my side finding my shirt stained with red, I was bleeding! But I didn't feel any pain, only dizziness. Everything around me started to disappear and I knew I was no longer awake. 
I awoke to the sound of the dog barking wildly from a cage across the old mossy rock floor, "Huh... Where?" I could barely speak, slurring my words as I did try to speak. A man stood over me, his oddly colored eyes told me he couldn't be to human, they were a beautiful violet with black on the outsides. His grin caused me to shiver as if icey hands were running along my spine. I stood up shakily blinking away the blur, I pushed him over and clicked the cage that my dog was trapped in open. But before I could escape the man was back up on his feet and managed to grab both of my arms pulling me back up against him, "I don't think so... naughty naughty girl." He chuckled, I couldn't feel his heart beat, we were close enough that I should have, his breath didn't tickle my skin as he was close to my face, I couldn't understand. Was he even alive? My knees began to wobble slightly causing me to collapse in his arms, I recognized his face. He looked like.. like Ace, but with silver hair like Huli's. It finally struck me, he must be a relative of Ace's! I mean, they could be twins in my eyes. Maybe it was just the dimly lit room we were currently occupying. I readied myself and then let out an ear splitting scream making the man drop me. I hit the floor hard as blood started to trickle down my chin from my mouth. My arm that I had fallen on was now broken by the feeling, but as soon as everything went dark the pain all went away. I actually started to believe I was now dead. A familiar voice filled the now darkened room causing a tear to fall, Ace, "Stop! Not her!" He called out, I could see some light from behind me where the rooms door was opened. Milu, Ace's brother obviously who had decided to kidnap me, gasped, "A-Ace... Your here!" a fuel of happiness filled his tone. Ace opened his arms walking towards his long lost brother embracing him in a hug, "I am, now you can't hurt this innocent girl, she hasn't done anything to you," He explained. I blinked, "Ace, it's me Max." I answered as loud as I could. Ace frowned, "I'm sorry, I don't know of a Max, you can get up and leave now if you'd like." He answered me. I felt more tears stream down my face as I sat up feeling a strange numbness in the pit of my stomach, "O-Okay..." I mumbled as I slowly walked away, looking back every now and then to see him, he looked so different. I didn't recognize this Ace. And as much as it killed me inside to have to walk away, I did it anyways. I couldn't risk him hating me, but I knew I was going to fix this. I wanted MY Ace back.
Ace was in his train of thought, how did this girl know him? He had this feeling he had seen her before as well, but he couldn't remember anything of her, only her face and her name he could recognize. Milu stood up slowly, "Ace I don't understand, you don't know Max?" He asked with a concerned look. Ace furrowed his eye brows in confusion, "No, I've never seen her before, do you know her?" He asked Milu, curiosity prying at him. Milu nodded, "Yea, you always spoke so highly of her, when I thought you had died I led her here to take revenge thinking she must have been the reason you had died," Milu explained fixing his hair. Ace blinked, "You mean... I do know her?" He kind of questioned himself as he spoke out loud. Ace turned quickly running outside seeing I was already halfway down the road. He raced to catch me letting his wings sprout out so he could hover above me.  I sighed looking down at my dog, "I wish I knew what was happening," I muttered feeling bitter that Ace had just shrugged me off. A shadow cast over me and as I looked up my eyes widened, "A-Ace, what are you doing?" I stumbled back in fear, pure fear struck my body like lightning on a tree. My eyes flashed worry. I had never seen Ace grow, wings? Ace let himself land in front of me, "My brother said I knew you, I don't know whats going on with my memory at this point, after I visited the master I started to feel odd, I do apologize, " He explained, sincerity in his emerald gaze. I stuttered my words, "You....Wings.....Glowing..." I stepped back a few times. Ace gasped, "Oh my god!" He hadn't realized that his wings had appeared, the beautiful ebony sparkled against the light as a sun shower started. My breathing sped up rapidly, "What are you.." I breathed. Ace looked down at his feet for a moment before sending his beautiful glowing gaze back at me, "I-I'm a... a demon... but I'm also a dark angel," He murmured with a small sigh. I tilted my head a little, was I hearing him right. A dark angel.... and a demon. My mind was still wrapping around the news, I felt so, scared. For the first time I was actually scared, and not of the idea, of Ace himself. He obviously was dangerous and I now knew why he rarely stayed in town, "Max, don't. Please." He mumbled. I blinked then turned, "Please just, just give me some time." I replied shakily. Ace came up behind me setting his hand on my shoulder which made me flinch, "Max..." He whispered. I moved away quickly and started to run down the abandoned road, I could hear him yelling my name but I couldn't stop, I didn't want him near me, ever. 


I looked at Kunan as he sat in the chair across my bedroom, his head was leaned back against the back of the chair as he snored softly. I looked to his left and saw Milu had made a small spot of the floor for himself. He was meditating and humming softly. I giggled covering my mouth to try an stay quiet. My eyes grew tired of being awake. I knew I could sleep now, of course the two boys who had sworn to protect me were now not even paying attention to what was around them, I smiled laying down and pulling the covers over me. I knew I'd be perfectly safe with these two here to protect me. I soon drifted off to sleep thinking of the two goofballs at the end of my bed asleep and meditating. It made me happy to have such great friends in my life, I only wished Huli had stayed over. 
"Maaaxx" Milu sang in my ear sitting on my bed. I took a deep breath whilst stretching and turned to face him, Kunan was sitting on the floor beside where Milu`s feet were. He smiled up at me causing me to smile to, "Well good morning to you to..." I murmured turning back over pulling the blankets up over my face. Kunan stood up tearing the blankets off of me, he chuckled, "Nice pajama`s," flashing his pearly whites down at me, I glared playfully at him before getting up, "Fine, I'm up just get out so I can get dress..." I mumbled going over to my closet. Kunan chuckled as he left with room with a disappointed Milu at his side. I giggled before grabbing my black skinny jeans and a large graphic t-shirt getting changed quickly, I slid my knee high lace up brown boots and quickly brushed my hair, "Perfect!" I smiled at myself in the mirror then headed out bumping into Kunan at the door, he quickly caught me by my arms before I fell back, "Woah, Kunan what the hell were you doing?" I asked him with the raise of a brow. He smirked, "I knew you had finished dressing, and yes, you do look perfect..." He laughed to himself. I blushed a little, "Oh, um okay." I replied with a small embarrassed smile. Milu was already in the kitchen cooking up a big breakfast smiling happily as usual. I sat down beside where Kunan was sitting on the edge of the table, "Smells good Milu," He commented with a small smirk. Milu turned to glare at Kunan, "Yea... you just keep the compliments coming..." He growled. I focused on the chipping of my bright red nail polish peeling it off silently thinking to myself. Kunan took my hand into his, "Wow, your nails are so.... red?" He had never seen colored nails that just came off like that. I started to laugh, "It's like paint but for your nails silly, You can buy it pretty much anywheres," I explained to him with a kind smile. Kunan chuckled, "Oh, well maybe I could try it?" He asked me with a small, cute, tilt of his head. I nodded, "Actually come with me!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my bathroom. Milu was very confused not catching what we had been talkingabout before but continued cooking. 
Milu had breakfast served out on the table and was just pooring the oj when me and Kunan stepped out of the bathroom, I was giggling to myself as Kunan observed his newly painted finger nails, a beautiful ebony color. Milu almost fell over laughing, "Wow... *Snicker* Aren'thyou just GORGEOUS!" He burst out into more laughter holding his stomach as he fell off of his chair. Kunan growled, "Stop that Milu it's beautiful, isn't it Max?" He looked over to me. I nodded with a polite smile, "Of course it is, now let's eat, no more fighting" I announced sitting down to begin my meal. 
Once we all finished eating I decided I'd go and get some of my parents wine from our basement. I headed downstairs while Kunan and Milu sat on the couch upstairs watching t.v. I reached out my hand for the cord that turned on the light but I couldn't seem to find it. Then a loud thunder crash was heard outside, I felt myself go frozen, I was terribly afraid of thunder and lightning, to the point where I froze up and sometimes just burst out into tears. I felt myself fall to my knees, I sat down slowly on my rear end and hugged my knees to my chest tightly, "I-It's only thunder..."I tried to reassure myself quietly. I heard the basement door slam shut and before I could stop myself I let out an ear splitting scream of terror. I crawled into a dark corner away from all light so nobody would find me huddled up and terrified. 
Kunan gasped shooting up from where he had been sitting, "Max!" He shouted darting over to the basement door, he pulled and pushed but the door just wouldn't budge! Milu was now at his side attempting to open it as well but even with both of them trying their hardest it was as if someone were holding it shut on the other side. Kunan got an idea, "Milu, stay here and keep trying to get in this way, I'll be right back!" He said before running off to the front door. Kunan nearly broke the front door down heading to the back yard where the basement windows were located, he sent his readied fist crashing into the glass breaking the first window into tiny shards so he could squeeze himself down into the basement. Kunan could hear Milu pushing the door but still no luck for him, Kunan used his super canine senses to sniff me out. It took him a few minutes before he almost tripped over me, "Max!" He shouted in surprise kneeling down to my level. I looked up still covering my ears, "I-I'm sorry... I just um fell.." I lied looking down again. Kunan pulled me into a hug, "It's okay, I can sense your fear ya know..." He murmured with a small chuckle. I latch onto him tightly as he stood up walking up the stairs and opening the door for Milu, "She's okay, the storm startled her." He said quietly almost as if he wished I wouldn't be listening. I sighed, it had been perfectly sunny out earlier and now there was a huge thunder storm sprouted around us. Of course with my luck this was normal, "I'm sorry if I worried you guys so much.. I hate to be such a pest for others..." I whispered still covering my ears and cuddling up to Kunan's chest. Milu let out a sigh of relief, "It's alright, no need to apologize at all Max," Milu replied with a small smile. Kunan helped me to the living room sitting me down on the couch, "Would you maybe want some tea? It always relaxes me!" Milu suggested with a toothy grin. Kunan rolled his eyes sitting down beside me. I gave a nod and a smile, Milu ignored Kunan's annoyed eye roll and headed to the kitchen starting up the kettle. I smiled, I knew this was going to be a big change, the two would be staying here for a while and having two boys staying here might be a bit weird but they had kind hearts. I couldn't even describe how lucky I felt. 


Ace slowly entered the dark room, he kept his wings folded behind him, "I can't get to her master, this isn't how we planned it. I thought everything was suppose to go according to our plan?" He asked taking deep breaths hoping he didn't anger his master. Kyoko stood up from his chair, "oh my dear Ace, everything is going according to plan," he smirked letting his long reptile like tongue to slip between his lips. Ace looked away with a small frown of disgust. Kyoko smiled, "What's the matter? You didn't seem to mind when we met," he laughed. Ace growled, "You were a chick when I met you Kyoko..." He mumbled. Kyoko stepped forwards, "Just go and get the girl! Before I eat you instead of her, I'm getting rather pecking already," 


I stared at Kunan and Milu as they slept peacefully on the couch, a smile parted my lips and I decided to head upstairs to my room to sleep. It was already 11:00pm the moons light caught my sleek hair as I entered my silent bedroom. Only the sound of the door creaking open, I flicked on the light and took in my surroundings for a moment. My eyes widened as I felt someone's steady breathing down my neck, "K-Kunan?" I questioned hoping for him to say yes. A women's voice spoke softly, "Nope, it's not your little boyfriend Kunan, it's me, Jinx." She smiled a taunting smile as I turned to face her, her short black hair stained with the red of blood. I blinked, "I don't know you? How did you get into my house?!" I put my hand on my hip. Jinx gently caressed my cheek, "I can go wherever I want when I want, I thought I'd visit my brothers new obsession," she chuckled pushing past me and sitting on my bed. I hadn't noticed that I wasn't exactly dressed for a visit, I wore some seriously short shorts and a large t shirt. Jinx looked me up and down, "Your not a bad looker are ya?" She gave a small wink. I furrowed my eyebrows , "What do you need here?" I asked with anger rising up inside me. Jinx sighed, "Well if you insist, I actually have quite the little obsession myself with you, your different. Very, different." She explained standing up. I backed into my bedroom door, "Don't come any closer to me!" I warned with a glare. Jinx disappeared appearing at my side again her mouth close to my ear, "I just wanted a little visit? Is that such a bad thing?" She whispered. I stayed silent for a second then nodded slowly, "Fine, but don't try anything funny," I warned before sitting on my bed, she joined me flashing her beautiful violet eyes at me. I couldn't help but wonder, what was she? And who was her brother. Jinx leaned closer to me with a smirk, I started to think she came here for more than a visit. I didn't move though feeling a bit weird. She soon had her face inches from mine, "Am I making you nervous yet?" She asked. I shook my head feeling brave for once. Jinx sat her hand on my knee slowly moving up to my inner thigh. She moved closer soon colliding her lips with mine. I didn't stop her, I enjoyed this for some reason. Jinx had knocked me over and was on top of me pinning my arms with a playful smile before comtinuing our little make out session. 
Kunan awoke with a small yawn, "Max... Sorry I fell asleep..." He sat up looking around, Milu was cuddled up to him still asleep. He growled getting up and heading up the stairs hoping to find me asleep. As he peered in through a crack in my door he gasped, "Um... What the hell?" He questioned quietly to himself. I had my arms up around her neck as if I could get jinx any closer. She was holding my waist with a smile into the kiss. Kunan slowly backed up and ran back downstairs to Milu, "Milu! Max is making out with a demon!" 


I had fallen asleep I guess because I woke up cuddled up to Jinx who was sound asleep. A smile on her face, I smiled stretching, "Max, come here." Kunan was standing in the doorway with a blank look on his face. I wondered if maybe he had seen and wanted to know who she was. I got up and followed him out to the hallway shutting my door softly behind me, "Yea, what is it?" I questioned. Kunan took a deep breath attempting to control his anger at this point, "Who, in the holy hell, is that?" He pointed to my bedroom door. I sighed, "Her name is Jinx, she just appeared in my room last night when I came up here to go to bed," I explained. Kunan looked me the eyes, "So do you do that with everyone who appears in your bedroom or am I missing something?" He raised his voice slightly. I frowned, "Your not my dad you know, I can do whatever I damn well want!" I said crossing my arms. Kunan shook his head, "Yea, I'm here to protect you so I can make this all stop, I need you to be smart about this." He turned. I went into my bedroom slamming the door shut behind me, I leaned back against the door staring up at my ceiling. Jinx looked up, "Max?" She murmured breaking the silence. I sighed, "I need to get out of here," And began packing some clothes. I quickly changed into some black leggings and an over sized knit sweater. I slipped my knee high boots on and grabbed my bag, "So you coming?" I asked Jinx. She smiled, "Yep," I climbed out the window and she followed.
Kunan stormed down the stairs bumping into Milu, "Oh, you don't want to go up there," Kunan growled crossing his arms. Milu felt a little confused, "Well why? I mean if shes not dead the demon obviously didn't mean any harm right?" He questioned Kunan aloud. Kunan shook his head, "Maybe not harm but I still don't like it." He said pushing past Milu and heading into the living room. Milu sighed, "Kunan, you need to go apologize to Max, she doesn't understand. And you already know demons have the power to manipulate the human mind. She could have either forced Max or brain washed her." Milu suggested sitting down beside the angry Kunan. Kunan looked down at his feet, "Maybe your right, I was a bit harsh on her... and I guess I shouldn't boss her around either..." He got up and headed upstairs knocking on my bedroom door. When I didn't answer worry filled his red eyes, "Max?"he called out before bursting through the bedroom door only to find my bed a mess and most of my clothes taken from my closet. He torn through the room for evidence, "No, Max...." He whispered sitting at the end of my bed. 
We walked through the woods for some time until Jinx finally stopped me, "We do need some wheres to stay, I mean I wouldn't be harmed out here at night but you, your only human.." She said with a small shrug. I nodded, "Your right, do you have any idea where we might find a house?" I asked her sitting down on a big mossy rock. Jinx smirked and took my hand dragging me through the woods for a while before we came across a huge black metal gate. I stared up at it in awe, "And where does this lead?" I questioned her turning to face her smirking face. She shrugged, "Just a manor that belongs to my brother, he doesn't live here anymore but we can," She answered with a smile. I nodded pushing the gates open and heading down the long pathway until I saw a huge victorian manor standing before me. Jinx picked me up unexpectedly and leapt up onto the balcony setting me down, "The front doors are always locked."She added with a grin. I took a small look around before going inside. I dropped my things on the floor of this huge master bedroom. A big king size bed laid out before me already done up, "So, your brother just left?" I attempted to make conversation while unpacking my clothes. Jinx perched herself neatly at the end of the bed, "Yep, he just got up in the middle of the night and decided he was gunna run the demon world. I guess when you want something bad enough you do anything to retrieve it. " She sighed looking down at her hands, "I just wished he'd come home and see me, we used to be so close." She added with a smile as if she were picturing him right now. I stuffed my empty bags under the bed and climbed up onto her lap, "I can talk to him," I offered with a happy smile. Jinx laughed, "Thanks, but I don't think you wanna see him right now," She said looking as if she were, scared. I stood up, "Wait, listen..." there was a thudding sound downstairs as if someone were, walking? Stomping maybe, or dragging something. Jinx's eyes widened, "Hide, please." She pushed me into the closet and then stood up straight fixing her hair. Kyoko came into the room, "Sister, I heard you missed me?" He smirked. Ace was at his side. I felt a tear come on as memories flooded my head. Kyoko snapped his fingers causing Ace to grabbed Jinx's arms holding her back. Kyoko made his way to the closet and pulled the doors open, "Max, I'm so glad to see you," He smiled. I backed into the wall and looked at Jinx, she was struggling as much as she could to break free but it didn't work. Kyoko grabbed my arm pulling me out, "Such a beautiful human, she'd make a great late night snack..." His eyes started to glow a deep crimson like two pools of blood. I closed my eyes, 'You can't be weak now, you need to save yourself and Jinx,' I thought. I smirked, "So your saying I'm delicious? Well thanks for the compliment," I snickered. Jinx was observing me trying to escape. I waited for Kyoko to get distracted by my comment before I sent a kick to his stomach and ran out of his reach sending a punch to Ace's face, I grabbed Jinx's hand and we both leapt off of the balcony. 
Kyoko growled standing up, "This war has only just begun..."


Jinx and I found an old cabin left behind by the previous owners. I was laying on the couch staring up at the ceiling examining every little crack and mark. I laughed as Jinx blocked my view looking down at me with a smile, "Bored?" She asked me with a chuckle. I nodded, "Yea... I wish we could listen to music or something," I said and I smiled. Jinx was lost for a moment admiring my smile, "Hold on, I think I have my phone," She rummaged through her pocket pulling out her mp3 instead, "Better than nothing, and I can just take someone else's speakers." She snapped her fingers and two speakers appeared on the wall behind them automatically hooked up to the mp3. I laughed, "Wow, how impressive," I examined the room a little bit more until I felt Jinx take my hand as some soft music played in the background, "Care to dance?" She bowed her head slightly. I nodded with another big smile and we began to slow dance. Her hands on my hips and my arms wrapped around her neck. I soon laid my head on her shoulder feeling a bit tired. Jinx smiled to herself, she knew if Kyoko knew what she was doing he would kill her and then capture Max forever torturing her for Jinx's mistake. Jinx shook her head slowly. She would protect Max with her every breath, no matter what. 
I fell asleep leaning against Jinx, Jinx picked me up and laid me down on the couch before heading upstairs to fix herself in the mirror. She stared at her reflection for a moment, her eyes started to glow a crimson pool of red. Jinx quickly exited the bathroom slamming the door shut behind her, "I'm.... I'm just a monster... What am I even doing here?" She questioned herself. Jinx sighed as she silently made her way down the stairs and stopped to admire the sleeping Max for a moment, "Goodbye, my love." She whispered setting a kiss on my forehead. Jinx quietly left the cabin leaving the one thing that she had ever loved  behind, but she wouldn't disown her promise, she would always protect Max, nobody the cost. 
I yawned as I sat up finally feeling fully awake, "Jinx?" I called out stretching my arms, I noticed she hadn't been asleep beside me like the night before at my house, "Jinx! Where are you hiding?" I shouted hoping she might come downstairs. But the house was so empty, I knew she had left me. Just like everyone else I ever trusted. I sat back down on the couch, "Why... why does everyone just leave, leave me all on my own. I know I look like I've got it all figured out but I just... I don't!" I covered my eyes with both of my hands stopping the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I laid down on my side pulling my knees to my chest, now that I was alone I could just let it all out. Everything emotion I ever decided that didn't need to be shown. I sat up a few moments later, I knew what had to be done. Revenge lingured in my thoughts causing a smirk to part my lips, "Just one mistake...." I chuckled. Now I knew I had really snapped. I grabbed my boots slipping them on, I went to the closet pulling out two silver hand guns and my compound bow tossing the arrow bag over my shoulder, "You want war, I'm ready for it." I headed out the front door with a smile on my face. My feet led me to the big black gates that led to Kyoko and Jinx's manor. I pushed them open welcoming myself inside and heading up the large pathway. 
Jinx slumped at the kitchen table, "Kyoko you just can't, she doesn't deserve to be harmed because of Ace's stupid decision!" She had stood up clenching her fists in anger. Kyoko continued eating as if he hadn't noticed her sudden spout of anger, "She is human, I told you that falling for one changes everything we know, it wasn't just Ace who caused this," He explained finishing up. Jinx growled but was interrupted by the crashing of the two front doors hitting the floor. Kyoko stood up following Jinx to go and see what had happened. Kyoko was in shock as he saw me standing on one of the doors aiming a gun his way. He slowly opened his mouth to speak, "Shoot me, you'll regret your life." He warned. I shrugged, "You think I don't already regret everything I've ever done? Life is made up of mistakes, get used to it." I pulled the trigger sending a bullet right through Kyoko's stomach and out his back. He stumbled back his eyes wide with surprise, "Brave aren't you?" He chuckled as a cloud of black surrounded him for merely seconds soon revealing his horrid transformation, his crimson colored hair had grown longer and ebony horns sprouted from his head, his eyes a beautiful emerald green like Ace's. I smiled, "So you realise the demon now that I've stepped up, lets dance then why don't we?" I lunged forward whipping my samarai sword from its casing and aiming for his heart. Kyoko darted to the side causing me to miss. I landed on my feet, my fist punching the now blood stained marble floor, "Is that all you've got?" I asked with a slight tilt of my head. Kyoko laughed, "Not at all my dear," He used his long narrow black tail attempting to whip me, I quickly darted forwards making Kyoko fall on his face. This gave me advantage so I grabbed my sword darting towards Kyoko, sword readied for the great climax. Kyoko was just getting up as I sliced the sword through his flesh until it came out his stomach and hit the marble. Kyoko gasped as blood started to poor little by little from his open mouth. I set a foot on his back pushing him down, "What was that? Nothing, I thought so," I chuckled sliding my sword back into its casing and shoving my two hand guns into my boots. My eyes followed the walls of paintings until I saw Jinx staring at me in shock from across the room, "M-Max?" She stuttered. I nodded slowly, "Thanks for leaving me by the way," I added with a glare. Jinx slowly made her way towards me, "No, it was for your own safety Max, I swear." She explained almost pleading my forgiveness. I stepped off of Kyoko and walked slowly to the gap where the front doors used to be, without turning back, "That's what everyone says, but what they don't know is I can take care of myself, I just wanted to be loved is all. But I can't even have that..." I sighed before leaving the manor all together, my thoughts dragging at me. Jinx watched me leave feeling horrible and repeating what I had just said in her mind. Maybe all I did want was love, but how could I find love if nobody wishes to give it to me? Do they want me to end up hurting myself because they hurt me?


Ace entered Kyoko's manor, a small frown on his face as the scent of fresh blood reached his nostrils, "Kyoko? Jinx?" He called out feeling slightly confused. He walked in a bit further noticing the manor's doors were broken down, "What happened here...?" He whispered, his eyes just adjusting to the dim light. Ace made his way over to Kyoko's limp body, "Kyoko? Are you, are you ok?" He asked bending over so he could examine his master's wounds. Kyoko let out a low growl, "K-kill Max... I want her dead!" he shouted. Ace stepped back slowly, "What? Why, what did she do?" Ace questioned. Kyoko stood up slowly, "She attempted to kill me.... and now I want HER dead," He mumbled wiping the blood on his coat before heading upstairs. Ace turned, leaving, he knew what had to be done.
I wandered through the woods for a while, the sun had already set drifting into night. A cold breeze told me that fall would soon be here, I wondered what would become of Jinx and Kyoko. Maybe Jinx was mad I had killed her brother, or maybe she was relieved. I don't think I'd ever know the real answer to that question as I was no longer talking to her. My hands got paler with a chill causing me to slide them into my coat pockets, "It's a lot colder than I expected..." I whispered to myself, "It sure is," A familiar voice murmured behind me. I turned quickly seeing Ace, "What do you want?" I questioned him, feeling a sense of suspicion. Ace shrugged, "Well, I guess I was a little worried about you is all, I haven't seen you since our little dispute." He explained. I narrowed my eyes, "So now you come to see me then?" I felt a little nervous and very fearful of what may happen here. Ace sat down on a boulder gesturing for me to join him. I sighed and sat down cautiously, "So what is it you want?" I asked him looking down at my boots really not wanting to make any eye contact. He was silent for a moment, then I felt a hand over my mouth as he held me back, "I'm so sorry...." He whispered sadly, I squirmed attempting to get away but he had me in a tight hold. Ace took a deep breath then turned my head sounding a crack as he snapped my neck killing me instantly. My limp body hit the soft mossy ground as blood poured from my mouth. He sat there a moment then disappeared into thin air, leaving me dead in the woods.
Jinx followed my scent trail stopping every few minutes to take another big wiff. She finally stopped at a big boulder, "Hmm, the scent trail stops here..." She murmured to herself taking another step forwards. Her foot fell upon my body startling her as she fell back onto her rear, "Max?" She whispered sitting up and placing a hand on my pulse, nothing. Grief filled her violet gaze turning it a beautiful sky blue of sadness, "Max!" she shouted my name into the night grabbing Ace's attention who was leaning against a tree not to far from her watching sadly. Jinx lifted me up the best she could and carried me to the manor, "Kyoko?Kyoko! Help, please!" She shouted. Kyoko hobbled down the stairs limping slightly, a smile reached his face from ear to ear as he saw my dead body, "Good, Ace must have finished the job then?" He asked his sister with a chuckle. Jinx set me down and stormed over to Kyoko, "You fix this, you fix this now!" She shouted clutching him by the collar of his shirt tightly. Kyoko sighed, "Alright alright, there is one thing that can be done, but there are some problems..." He explained as Jinx set him back down gently. Jinx set her hands on her hips, "And what are these problems?" She asked curiously. Kyoko sat down on the stairs, as did Jinx, "She won't remember anything, nothing of you, me, Ace... or anybody and anything else, so really she'll only be starting over, except as a Demon..." He explained. Jinx sighed feeling hollow inside, "As long as she can live again," She replied with great sadness. Kyoko felt a pinch of sympathy for his grieving sister, "It will be alright, you can start over with her... Just don't mention any of her old memories or you may ruin her." He warned before standing up and heading over to my dead body. Kyoko gently picked me up, his eyes glowing a flaming orange, "And now, I shall rule this brave warrior." He murmured as a symbol appeared on my forehead, a crescent moon glowing a beautiful yellow. Then he carried me upstairs laying me on his bed, "She should wake up soon, her body just needs to adjust." Kyoko whispered. Jinx sat on the bed beside me. Her eyes still a sad blue, "Max as a demon, sounds fun..." She whispered to herself with a small chuckle. 
I felt myself awakening slowly, my eyes opened glowing a crimson red color, my skin a lot paler than before. I slowly sat up taking everything in around me, "Where am I?" I questioned looking around slowly. A girl caught my eye perched on the bed beside me, "Max, your awake. I'm Jinx, welcome to your new life as a demon," She smiled a polite smile setting her hand on mine. I darted forwards now standing in front of the mirror eyeing myself contently, "New life?" I said examining my features. Jinx came up behind me, "Yes, welcome Max McCall." She replied, a tinge of sadness filled her violet eyes and it made me wonder, what had happened before all of this, I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something was hiding in the back of my mind and I wasn't going to let it slip. I turned to Jinx, "Blood." I replied in a low growl. Jinx took my hand, "Yes, of course." We both headed for the balcony leaping down landing squarely on the fallen leaves. My new life might not be so bad after all. 




Submitted: September 29, 2015

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