Superman (NEXT!)

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this is about love

Submitted: January 13, 2009

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



\"\"I can love you like no one can i can be your superman just take my hand lets fly away, i promise i'll be there everyday. just close your eyes lets start to fly im gonna love you until i die, until the day of my death to my very last breath im gonna love you when no ones left. NOPE NOT HIM ( next)

Fly with me baby im the one with the s on my chest forget about you ex he dont know what love is he just failed the test plus he dont treat you right he keeps you crying all night, im gonna give you that strength so you can leave him behing just start all over and press rewind. NOPE NOT HIM EITHER (next)

i will never neglect you never have time to stress you and always respect you, gurl you like a hidden treasure and i promis to love from now until forever, thou prada sempre mija tho premento de voya ma hasta la muete.

some girls want to be treated fairly just like that boy did, but now im still looking because that boy was mine! but he's dead. and my life is still incomplete!\"\"

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