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Pierced by My Brothers’ spear:
“Journey Towards the quest for my brothers’ abode”

Speech prepared by
Dadier M. Abdalah,
on Behalf of Displaced Refugee Network
20th June 2008 during Xenophobic Seminar
at Parliament of South Africa.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Good morning
Good morning Chairperson and key Organizers.
Good morning too to my listeners beyond South African premises.

I am extremely happy today, a day that marks a history of globe-trotters whose countries forsook the essence of humanity and developed the cursed ideologies of anarchy, dictatorship and nepotism.
I am happy to have been given this privilege, a privilege that never comes twice to a rural boy like me. It is a privilege that I never once thought of some time back.
The privilege of having a talk in the midst of my hosts whose country has recently turned upside down the African philosophy of brotherhood.
It is a privilege of sharing and contributing to a bloody history that has, a couple of weeks ago, dashed us (as foreign nationals) into pieces!
It is the history of a sour exile. The exile that has left an infamous legacy in our hearts and in the hearts of all humans around the globe.
Now on let us enter into the South African archieves and draw a line of posterity and human histroy. It’s a history that every modern person would love to hear.
It’s a history of diversity of cultures.
It’s a history of roundabouts of races and crossroads of seggregation.
But more so, in its positive aspect, it’s a history of tolerance and freedom. It’s a history of burial of apartheid and renaissance of new Rainbow.
A Khoisan peoples are the aboriginal people of this region who have lived here for millennia. Black South Africans are believed to originate from the Great Lakes region of Africa in prehistoric times. White South Africans, descendants of later European migrations, regard themselves equally as products of South Africa, as do South Africa's Coloureds, Indians, Asians, and Jews.
I am a bantu from the Great Lakes Region, in a district of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our history is more puzzling as human creation is a question of hot debate. Either ex-nihilo or not, Creation of Bantu is as supreme as any other human creation on earth. We are also God’s own image as any other human beings on earth. We have been created to adopt love and inherit its related virtues.
Our ancestors origniated from Uele River in Central Republic as they followed the western green pasture of River Congo and its confluent River Lualaba. Over the millenia as they settled in the Congo forest and alongside Lake Tanganyika they met pygmies as they continued the journey towards Eastern and Southern Parts.
Around 2,500 years ago Bantu peoples migrated into Southern Africa from the Niger River Delta. The Bushmen and the Bantu lived mostly peacefully together, although since neither had any method of writing, researchers know little of this period outside of archaeological artifacts.
The Bantu peoples had started to make their way south and eastwards in about 1000 BC, reaching the present-day KwaZulu-Natal Province by AD 500.
The Bantu arrived in South Africa in small waves rather than in one cohesive migration. Some groups, the ancestors of today's Nguni peoples (the Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi, and Ndebele), preferred to live near the coast. Others, now known as the Sotho-Tswana peoples (Tswana, Pedi, and Basotho), settled in the Highveld, while today's Venda, Lemba, and Shangaan-Tsonga peoples made their homes in the northeastern areas of South Africa.
However, up there (in our countries) where we have been left, leadership ran poor and economy kept leaking, eventually with greediness of our leaders, civil wars invaded the lands!
We started journeying southward for the quest of my brothers’ abode; Bantus with our physical traits who left us shepherding and farming alongside the Great Lakes district.
Pierced by my brothers’ spear, we are with no doubt that the actual posterity is infused with hatred! But this can be healed both in your hearts and in our hearts. Tolerance can still prevail and the bell that brings human euphony among us can be happily heard.
I am standing here as one of the remnants left by xenophobic riots, desperately pleading for peace and security measures to be taken into places where refugees have been wrecked out by citizens.
I am pleading the UNHCR to step in with full commitment and alleviate the tense and find out the solution.
I am pleading for the closure of interment Camps where we find difficult to implement the core ideology of African diversity if some are still banned from the daily activities.
Wounded hearts like ours can be healed if only urgent measures of rescuing us from this plight are taken into consideration. We are here as One Africa, and here we go. Here we live together as One. Thank You.

Submitted: November 04, 2008

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Submitted: November 04, 2008



Another day in caravan
If the planet decides this time ever to cover the firmaments with flood, the earth would be formless again; and I’d not wait to weep and gnash teeth again.
Here is someone that is on the verge of becoming somebody who does not anticipate the mystery of universe but along the way feels to cross the hurdles. I am a humble man, cool and friendly. Perhaps you can lecture me “” if there are pretty teachers around. But I bet whom shall I find yonder to entrust!
All brainstorm; they are advocates of immoral society!
“Don’t go unless you are sure”, that is a somber advice you may have thought. But choice king.
Illiteracy has knocked, poverty has baffled but hungry belly never manufactured a haven of hatred. 
Pale, abashed and gloomy faces do not startle some time when one knows there are times that people are haunted by the ache of life! But happiness is my choice ever!
It is a great opportunity if you know how to run; guess who shall win the race if his legs are hampered by cobble stones ahead…

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