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Submitted: February 24, 2016

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Submitted: February 24, 2016



Susie lies in bed
watching Polly get up
and go

to the wash stand
and break the ice
in jug and pour

in the icy water
the air is cold and fresh
she wants to lie

in bed all day
not get up
and go down

to the kitchen
and help the cook
prepare breakfasts

she want to lie
in the bed
and rest and sleep

Polly undresses quickly
and washes her face
and neck and under

her arms
Susie watches
wishes Polly

was in bed again
she misses her
not being there

wishes she'd let her
hold her close
and kiss her neck

but she's washing quickly
and cursing
and Susie catches

a glimpse of Polly's tits
as she raises her arm
to wash

the curve
of her body
Polly turns around

and stares at her
get your backside
out of bed

you lazy mare
we've work to do
she says

Susie pulls a face
and shoves her hands
between her thighs

to keep them warm
want to stay
here all day

Susie says
get out or I'll pull
you out

Polly says
and undress
you myself

and slap
your backside
Susie gets up

and reluctantly
gets undressed
in the cold air

and stands
as Polly dresses
and gives a secret stare.

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