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Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012




But I know

she said


that you love me

and you were sitting


by the pond

you with that cheap fishing rod  


which caught nothing

and she sitting there


her hands over her knees

gazing at the still surface


even if you don’t

say it often


she added

laying her chin


on her knees

her green skirt


just above her knees

and you caught


a glimpse of her thighs

where the skirt rose up


I do you love

you said


holding the rod

between hands


it’s just I don’t see the need

to keep on saying it


you added 

stretching your eyes


to go as far

as they could


to get a better look

and she said


why do you come here

to fish when you catch


nothing except a cold

in the neck


and stiff joints

and do you want a smoke?


She pulled out

a pack of cigarettes


and you let a hand free

from the rod


and took one

and she put one


between her lips

and lit it with a pink


plastic lighter

then lit yours


and you both

inhaled and exhaled


the smoke rising

over the pond


seeming to sit there

in the still air


and she said

between drags


I do know you love me

I can feel it


in my bones

and in my tingling


flesh at night

as I lay abed


and you thought

of that image


knowing her mother

would be about


the house

with her stern features


and sharp tongue

and beady eyes


but the image was good

you thought


sitting there beside her

in silence


with the drifting smoke

over the pond


and her hand

touching you


and the sky

turning from


dull grey

to a soft blue.

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