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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



Polly wakes
to a new day
in the bed in the attic

she shares with Susie
the other maid
it is still dark

but birds are singing
and traffic is heard
in the distance

breaking the night's
stillness and quiet
she rises from bed

and sits on the edge
and looks back at Susie
and sighs

the maid looks sad
in her sleep
mouth half open

eyes sealed shut
head to one side
one hand on top

the other tucked away
out of sight
poor bugger

Polly mutters
and gets off the bed
and goes

to the enamel bowl
and fills it
from the jug

with cold water
and takes off her nightdress
and begins to wash

in the cold water
and a piece of red soap
and washes her face

and neck and arms
and splashes water
under her arms

and taps at her breasts
then taking an old towel
from the side

she dries herself
as quick as she can
before the cold morning air

freezes her stiff
then looking at Susie
she pulls out

the chamber pot
and sits and unloads
and sighs and closes her eyes

and wishes Master George
had not gone away
but was there

in his room
so that she could have
slept there and not

sitting here in her room
feeling the encroaching
day's gloom.

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