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Submitted: January 12, 2016

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Submitted: January 12, 2016



Susie watches Polly walk
along the kitchen
tray in hand
eyes peering

Mrs Gripe moaning

Susie'd watched Polly
get out of the bed
that morning
in their shared room
in the attic
freezing cold
watched her go
to the basin and pour
cold water into the bowl
and taking off
her nightdress
(faded blue)
began to wash face
and neck and arms
all the time shivering
cursing under her breath

Susie'd studied
the body shiver
the legs
the arms move
the bottom move

then Polly turned and said
come on get up
get your arse out of bed
don't lay there
like some bloody princess

now she watches
as Polly puts the tray
on the side beside her
and look at her
her eyes searching

Mrs Gripe(the cook) saying
Susie girl
get a move on
with that washing up
there's more to do after that

Susie nods
and washes up quicker

and Polly says
Master George
maybe here today
and you know
what that means

Susie nods
and looks at Polly
as she moves away
the black and white uniform
the hips swaying
the hair pushed under
the white headpiece

and o yes she knows
what that means
she'll sleep alone
most of the night
while Polly's having it away
with Master George
while I'm hugging myself
against the cold

she looks back as Polly
goes by Mrs Gripe
getting orders
her backside swaying
side to side

Susie muses
if only it was me
she was getting all
excited about
not him
and awave of darkness
comes over her
dull and dim.

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