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Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



Auntie took me
to the large hut
where the wives of soldiers
met for tea and a chat
(or gossip)

there was big black stove
in the centre of the room
and a big urn
over in the small kitchen
where women were serving
cups of tea and cakes or biscuits

there was a lot of noise
and voices and baby's crying
and a few kids like me
under 5 or 5 years old

there's Milly
Auntie said

so we went over
to where Milly was sitting
with her little daughter Elsie

Auntie and Milly
started talking
and I sat next to Auntie
and Elsie sat
the other side
of her mum Milly
staring at me

why don't you two
go and get a lemonade
or orange juice and biscuits
Milly said

Elsie pulled a face
not with him
she said

don't be daft
Benny's a good boy
now do as you are told
and go get some
drinks and biscuits
Milly said firmly

I looked at Auntie
then at Elsie

all right
Elsie said glumly
and we went across the room
to where women
where serving

yes dearies
the woman said
what can I get you?

I want an orange juice
and biscuit please
Elsie said
you'll have to ask
for yourself
she said to me moodily

the woman got
a small beaker of orange juice
and a biscuit tin
of broken biscuits
and Elsie helped herself
staring at me

I asked the woman
for some lemonade
and a biscuit
and while she
was getting it for me
I said to Elsie
you can around
to my auntie's place
and we can play
with my toy soldiers

she sipped her orange juice
looking at me

the woman gave me
a beaker of lemonade
and I took
a few broken biscuits
in my other hand
and stood looking at Elsie

I don't want to play
with toy soldiers
I'm a girl
girls' play with dolls
and skip
not play with boy's toys
and she walked off
back to where Auntie
and Milly sat talking
and sat down

I stood watching her
I can come and play
with your toys
I said

she frowned at me
boys don't play
with girl's toys
she said
and my doll
doesn't like you

Elsie don't be so horrible
Milly said
if Benny wants to come
and play he will
or you'll get a slap

Elsie frowned
and looked at the floor
she was no more friendlier
than she was before.

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