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Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



Sheila had said to other girls that she wanted to be a nun in a convent outside Paris when she grew up but they thought her slightly bizarre and thought it nonsense while they talked of careers or getting married to a boy and settling down and having a family or going some place abroad and making a splash as they called it but she held onto her nun idea until she saw the boy John in the playground and something about him grabbed her attention and any notion about becoming a nun outside Paris gradually faded and she found it difficult to focus on anything else in school or out of it except thinking of him even her mother who had poured scorn on the being an nun idea was surprised when her daughter dropped the idea like a hot coal and became interested in clothes and having her dark hair in a different style or asking about make-up or spending ages in front of the mirror gawking at herself now waiting by the school fence to see if he would be coming out at recess alone and not with one of his friends for football she was anxious to see him she had spent a bit of time in the girls toilet making sure her hair was all right and that her tie was tied and her blouse was neat and still as she waits for him her stomach begins to churn with nerves and as boys and girls come out of the exit towards the playing field she scans them closely hoping she will spot him looking carefully feeling anxious but wanting to see him then she sees him he is there with another boy the one called Rennie who she feels intimidated by he doesnt see her at first in deep conversation with the boy she hopes he will see her otherwise it will all have been for nothing she stares in his direction hands in the pockets of her school cardigan he spots her just when she thought he was going to pass her by he nods to the other boy and comes over to her you all right? he asks yes she says nervously been waiting for you to come out o right he says he looks over at other boys beginning to kick a ball about did you want to go play ball with them? she asks no its ok he says Im not much good anyway what you want to do? he asks before she can reply she looks at him taking in his hazel eyes and quiff of hair and his smile dont know she says how about a walk up field he says or have a quick walk into town do you know the town? she asks no not really but it would be a change from this place he says shes unsure wonders if she should she doesnt know the town either because like him she comes in on a school bus should we? she says weve got forty-five minutes he says no best not she says I dont know the town and we might get lost and be back late for school ok he says so they walk up the field passing boys playing football and others in groups sitting on the grass or in pairs of boys or boys and girls or just girls they walk as far as the high fence at the other end and then they sit on the grass there and peer towards the school have you a girlfriend? she asks he watches the boys playing ball no not me he says you gota boyfriend? she looks at him sideways on no not yet she says looking at the smile he has can I be yourgirlfriend? she asks before she can stop the words escaping I dont really know you he says looking at her I mean not properly no I suppose not she says feeling unsettled sensing herself out of her comfort zone but I guess we can be friends he says boy and girl kind of friends he says adding the last words on yes I suppose we can she says feeling it was not quite what she had in mind do you like me then? he asks staring at her yes I do she says very much wanting to say more but not doing so do you like me? she asks wondering why she hadnt thought of that she hadnt thought he might not like her or maybe he might not like girls at all some boys didnt he looks away and watches as a boy kicks the ball between two coats and scores a goal actually he says just about turning to face her I have been thinking of you a fair bit these last couple of days have you? she says sensing herself getting excited but also nervous yes I have its not like me to think about girls as such Im more a book person or a nature person I love watching birds and butterflies and wild life kind of thing he says so to think about you must mean I kind of like you I mean as much as I know you which isnt much but yes I do like you he says looking away again I see she says unsure if what he said was good or not she kind of lost herself with his words and butterflies sticks in her brain so can I be your girlfriend kind of thing? she asks Rennies scored he says loudly thatll cheer him up some what John says she touches his arm her fingers(thin white)clutch gently can I? she says again what? he says turning to face her can I be your girlfriend kind of person? she repeats he looks at her fingers on his arm then taps them and says why not after all we do like each other and if you like birds and butterflies then so much the better she looks at him his eyes on hers and she says carefully can I kiss you? he raises his eyebrows and looks at the field at the boys and the ball then for a moment neither says a word look he says Im not really one to know much about kissing but maybe if you like we can now she wasnt sure if that was a yes or a maybe or even if they should on a school playing field what if someone saw them one of the teachers or a prefect nosing nearby here? she asks right now? he looks at her at her dark hair neatly brushed at her glasses which made her eyes larger gazing at him if you like he says they hesitate lips waiting to move he put a hand on her shoulder and she releases his arm and they lean together and kiss briefly then part and gaze around them at others on the field bit none looks their way or seems to have noticed or cared about the first kissed that they shared.

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