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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 17, 2016

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Submitted: January 17, 2016



We made it to the hotel,
booked in,
found our room,
looked around,
felt the bed,
bounced some,

she looked out
the window and said,
there's an office across the road,
people working their Friday afternoon,

I joined her over
at the window
looked through the net curtains,
they can't see us,
I said,

they might,
Netanya said,

draw the curtains then,
I said,

so she drew the curtains
and the room became dark,

I turned on the light
and she said,
now or later?

now and later,
I said smiling,

is there room service?
she asked,

it's not that kind of hotel,
too cheap,

I'm hungry,
she said,
can't we have something
to eat first and drink?

I said,

so we went down the road
to a cafe and order meals
and two coffees
and sat there waiting,

what did your old man say
about you coming off with me
the long weekend?
I said,

well I didn't actually say
I was with you I said
I was going to see this play here
and was going to meet
an old friend,
she said,

good idea,
I said,

the waitress brought
our meals and drinks
and went off
wiggling her fine ass,

Netanya said,
do you look at every woman's
backside as they walk?

I said,

well don't when I'm with you
it's unromantic,
she said,
eating her food,
looking at me,
Benny I don't mean to moan
but looking at other women
in that way reminds me
of my husband and that ain't good,
Netanya said,

I gazed at her,
her dark eyes,
dark brown hair,
the red dress,

I'll remember that,
I said,

we ate and drank
then walked back to the hotel
and went to our room,

she went to the window
and looked through the curtains,
they're still there working,
she said,
those office people,

I looked at them too,
poor guys and dolls,
we are about to fuck
and they're working their asses off,
I said,

that's a crude word,
she said,
make love sounds better,
more romantic,
more engaging,

I said,
make love it is,
and we walked over to the bed
and began to undress,

I'd not seen her undress
since that London night
in that cheap hotel
a few months back,

undressed we got into bed
and lay there looking at each other,

am I too old for you?
she said,

no about right,
I said,

I'm 13 years older than you,
she said,

more experienced then,
I said,

she sighed and looked up
at the ceiling,
I feel old,
she said,
you so young,
so good looking,

I gazed at her,
are we to make love or quiz?
I said,

make love,
she said,

so we did,
that Friday afternoon
while office worker worked
across the road,

we rocking the bed,
holding and touching,

she wondering no doubt
what her husband would say
if he saw,

me thinking of
the office workers working away,
we made love
and then fell aside
and quietly lay.

© Copyright 2020 dadio. All rights reserved.

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