HOW WAS IT? 1965

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



How was it
at your friend's house?
Tilly's mother said

it was good
Tilly replied
(thinking on her feet
not to let slip
she'd stayed
at an uncle's house
while he
was away in France)

and where does
this friend live?
the mother said

near the coast
a train ride away
Tilly said
making it up
as she went along

her mother gazed at her
didn't know
you had a friend
near the coast

she's only
moved there recently
Tilly said

her mother looked back
at the cooking
she was watching

don't forget to write
and thank her
the mother said

I won't
Tilly said
thinking of the bed
she shared with Benny
at her uncle's house
the sex and all
the late lie ins
the breakfast come
dinnertime meals
and watching late TV
on the sofa next to each other

what did you find
to do all day?
her mother said
gazing at her again
eyes peering

stuff like girls do
went to the beach
and watched TV

her mother nodded her head
didn't get up to
mischief I hope?

no of course not
Tilly said
her mother
is quite strict
and had
her eyes on us
to make sure
we were good

just as well
Tilly's mother said
you girls these days
while in my day
we knew how to behave
we had standards
and knew where
to drawn the line
did you meet any boys?

Tilly remembered Benny
humping her good
and she spread eagled out
or so seemed

no boys
never saw them
not that we'd
be interested
Tilly said

her mother took off
the boiled potatoes
and began to mash them
with butter

there will be time
enough for that

yes I guess so
Tilly said
thinking of Benny
she in
the uncle's bed.

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