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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



Auntie took me
to Milly's place
across the parade ground

Milly let us in
and Milly said
to her daughter Elsie
show Benny
the blue budgie

Elsie looked at me
sternly and unsmiling
budgie wants to sleep
Elsie said

budgies don't sleep
in the day
Milly said
show Benny
the bird

Elsie sighed
and walked
to the other room
where a birdcage
was hooked up
to a metal stand

I saw the blue budgie
on a perch

that's the bird
Elsie said glumly
looking at me

what's it's name?
I asked

why'd you
want to know?
She said

so I can talk to it
I said

talk to a bird?
She said mockingly
boys don't talk
to birds

I studied the blue budgie
hello blue bird
I said

the budgie chirped
and flapped its wings

it's name's not blue bird
Elsie said

what's it's name then?
I said

not telling you
she said
and walked off

is it Elsie too?
I said

she turned
and gazed at me
no it's a boy bird
boy birds aren't called
girl names
she said

Milly came in the room
to fetch a couple of plates
are you talking to Billy?
She asked me

I said
he chirped at me

Milly smiled
that's good
she said

Elsie glared at me
as her mother
walked back
out the room

hello Billy
I said to the budgie
the bird chirped again

Elsie stood next to me
and stared at the budgie
perhaps he likes you
she said
I don't know why

I looked at the budgie
I like you
I said quietly

Elsie stared at me
do you?
She said

I nodded

I don't know why
she added
and walked away

nor do I
my voice
uttered softly to Billy

Elsie had gone
and the bird
flapped its wings
and flew across the cage
to the other side

I did like her
I didn't lie.

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