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Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012





I hear the lark, said Alice,
it sings in my ear like an
angel’s voice, brings me
pleasure in my darkest
hour, plays in my mind
like an echoing dream.

I see the morning sun,
its beams dance at my
feet, swirl around like a
child at play, my eyes
rejoice at the sight I see,
dread the thought of
blindness in some new
day’s gift, push away the
ideas as if they were flies,
push all away like one fulfilled.

I smell the lily’s scent, its
aroma brings me out in a
rash of joy, its smell invades
my nose like a vanquishing
army, opens me up to the
pleasures of smell, makes
me want to sniff forever,
drink in until my head swims,
my sleep recalls the aroma’s kiss.  

I feel my lover’s fingers along
my flesh, sense his skin smooth
along mine like a skater on ice,
like one sliding across a polished
floor, the fingers caressing like
a butterfly’s touch, tickling to
laughter, fondling until my voice
says, ah, don’t stop, fill me up,
squeeze all on until the final drop.

I breathe the wind’s breath,
inhale the morning’s freshness,
the air of angel’s exhalation,
my lungs take in like a greedy
girl, sup in each particle as I
dance along, remembering now
the air of summer, the filling
of my lungs like a fish the water,
opening my lips in a happy song,
my voice singing across an open sea.

I taste my lover’s tongue touch
mine, feel the tongue and mine
in dance, lick and lick until the
pleasures erupt, the places engorge
and swell, I taste the saltiness
of my lover’s sex, the sweetness
of the heavenly hive, the tongue
swimming along my lover’s thigh
and arm and on and on, my taste
buds explode into a rainbow of
colours, my tongue feeling like
a snail’s flesh, moving and sensing
until my mind says, No more, no
more and I hear the waves of dark
depression surge in on my shore.

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