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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



After dinner
and a brief time
watching TV
Sheila went to bed

not in her parents good books
over her seeing
a boy at school
(her sister Ella

having told tales)
and wearing eye shadow
which she had to take off
which she did

and lay there
she waiting until her sister
came to bed
downstairs the TV

was still on
she thought of John
at school
how they sat

on the sport field and talked
and she wanted him
to hold her hand
but he didn't

she wanted to kiss him
but didn't want
to spoil things
or frighten him off

she pretended
they did kiss
(not that she has
kissed a boy before)

and he held her hand
and hoped that Loren
(the girl who always
talks of boys)

had seen her
and got jealous
and pretended she did
the door

of her bedroom opened
and her sister Ella came in
still awake then?
Ella said

fancy making
Mum's asthma bad
and Dad wasn't pleased
about that

you're lucky he didn't
smack you one
shut up telltale
go and pray to your Jesus

for forgiveness
for being a big sneak
Sheila said
I tell the truth not lie

Ella said
and began
to undress for bed
Sheila stared at her

just sat with him didn't
do nothing
how do I know
what you did

and besides
you are still too young
for boys
Ella said

at least I can get a boy
interested in me
unlike you
a boy would have to need

a white stick and a guide dog
to want you
Sheila said
Ella stood gazing

at her younger sister
then looked at the crucifix
on the wall above her bed
He is the only one I want

and when I am a nun
I shall be His bride
Sheila said nothing
and turned over in bed

and faced the wall
and carried on imagining
John was there beside her
and holding her tight

and was staying there
in her dreams
all night.

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