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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



She's a bit of all right
that friend of yours
Brian says
that Una

Nuala puts the dinner
on the table
and sits in her place

she's a good friend
Nuala says
peppering her dinner
been friends for years

but not seen her
until recently
Brian says
forking his dinner
odd that
her being
an old school friend
and all

she's been away
Nuala says

where away?
Brian says

she's been to London
now she's come back to Dublin
Nuala replies

don't recall her at school
I'm sure I'd remember her
with a behind like hers
he says

people change in looks
Nuala says

Betty Boyce hasn't
she's still as fecking ugly
as she was back then
Brian says smiling

Nuala eats her dinner
tries to push thoughts
of him and his words away

imagines his face
had he come in
and found Una and her
having it away
on their bed and the look
on his face if they had
and he'd seen it

mind you Betty
was a good lay
Brian says

Nuala looks at him
how'd do know?

the boys said
Brian says
looking at Nuala
looking away
recalling the Boyce girl
and him having sex
in her parents' house
while they were away
for the weekend

can't believe talk
Nuala says
gets distorted
by too many tongues

Brian eats and thinks

Nuala muses
on his facial features
and his words

Una may have
to stay here awhile
she says
she may lose her digs

Brian looks at her
stay here?
with us?
be a bit crowded
in our bed will it not?
he smiles

in the spare room bed
you idjit
she says

he pulls face
and Nuala finds it
rather pleasing
Una being there
especially if Brian
was away and while
the cat's away
the mice could play.

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