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Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010




For justice to be done
It needs to be seen to be
Done, was Hank’s father’s

Favourite saying, after,
You’re never more than
A few feet from a Red

(Meaning Hank’s mother
Who only married his
Father because she said

He looked amazing like
Fred Engels when he was
Younger) and spare the rod

And spoil the child was also
On his lips quite often (although
It was as a threat rather than

A philosophical opinion on
Corporeal punishment.) Hank
Remembers his father talking

About seeing a couple of those
Executions of some bad fellers,
Seen it with my own eyes, he

Would relate over a late night
Milky drink before bed, justice
Seen, justice done, he’d say,

Nodding his head slowly as if
To agree with his own statement.
Hank’s mother, however, called

It State Murder, murdering folks
For the reason of murdering folks;
If that don’t beat all nonsense,

She’d say, an eye for a darn eye
Kind of crap. Hank use to go to
Bed remembering his mother’s

Stare, her eyes dark as night,
Patting her handbag where she
Carried a rather torn worn copy

Of The Communist Manifesto
Tucked between tissues, tampons,
Her pack of Camel cigarettes and

Lighter, and always called Hank’s
Father, Mister Engels when she
Got really high and angry and

He’ d say who the heck’s that
When he’s at home and then
He’d trundle off out front to

The porch where he’d sit in the
Rocker dragging on his pipe
Where Hank’s mother would

A little after retire with two
Mugs of milky drinks and
A darkening view to admire.

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