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Submitted: July 15, 2016

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Submitted: July 15, 2016



I got us a room,
I said to Nima,
this weekend.

She looked at me,
then at a passing nurse,
a neat arsed girl
who caught my eyes.

So where is it?
Nima said.

In town here,
not too far,
I said.

Was it difficult?
She said,
they're a bit
staid here.

No problem,
I said.

Nima nodded her head
and crossed one
of her legs
over the other
sitting in a hospital chair,
outside in the grounds,
and I caught sight
of lovely thighs.

Got any smokes?
She asked.

I said,
and got out
a packet of cigarettes,
and gave them to her,
after taking one myself,
you keep them,
I can buy some more,
I said.

We lit up
and sat there
in silence
for a few moments.

I prefer London,
she said,
for a cheap hotel
and life,
but we haven't
got time to waste
I need sex
and can't wait
for Saturday to come,
but I'll have to.

I studied her:
seen your mother
since last time?
I said.

not since
she found out
about me having sex
with someone
at my aunt's place,
Nima said.

I said,
it was a nice place.

Nice bed too,
Nima said,
wonder what
my cousin'll think
if she finds out
I fucked you in it.

A nurse came to the table
and looked at Nima:
the doctor is here
to talk with you,
the nurse said.

Nima said.

Yes now,
the nurse said.

All right,
look Benny,
you best go,
I don't know how
long I'll be
with the quack.

Ok see you Saturday,
I said.

Nima walked off
with the nurse:
the nurse with a neat arse;
and I watched them go
and quickly pass.

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