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Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



You know how it is
Lilia said
you go to a party
and there's guys there

and booze
and loud music
and you want
to have a good time

and let your hair down
and feel alive
and young and well
you know be there

and make a noise
over the music
and some guy
offers you a drink

and says
you new here?
and you say
no I've been around about

18 years
and he laughs
or pretends to hoping
he may get lucky later

and laughs
and eyes you
and you smile
that smile girls give

and he walks off
and you look around
to see if your friends
are there yet

and they're not
and so you go find a seat
somewhere you can watch
and not stand around

like some whore
and sip the drink
the guy got you
and it's vodka

you suppose
and you sip it
although its warm and yucky
and then a friend comes in

with her boyfriend
the one who looks
a bit of all right
and you wouldn't

have minded yourself
but can't move on him
because she's
your best friend

and so she comes over with him
and says hello
and talks to you
and you are looking at her

and smile as she talks
but it's him you look at
over her shoulder
and he's standing there

and he's sort of moving
to the music
and his head is going

from side to side
and your friend says to the guy
go get us some drinks
and one for Lilia too

and so the guy goes off
and you watch him go
his hips and his body
and talk to her

but it is him you want
and dream she's gone off
with some other
and he's all yours

and you imagine there's room
and bed upstairs
in this big house
of a friend of a friend

and hope to use it
to no good end.

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