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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Martha Maguire's mother
entered her daughter's bedroom
her daughter was asleep
in the bed

Martha what's the statute
of Our Blessed Lord
doing in your bed?

Martha woke up
hair matted

she muttered

the statue
what's it doing
in your bed?

Martha looked around
at the Sacred Heart
of Jesus statue
beside her
on her pillow

feck me
how'd that get there?
she muttered

language Martha
in front of Our Lord

sorry Jesus
Martha said
nodding to the statue
and moving away
from Him carefully
so He didn't
fall side wards
into the bed

what's it doing there?

it's the Crucified

I know who it is
I asked you
what it is doing
in your bed?

I got lonely
and had no one
to talk with
Martha said

you can talk with Jesus
without having Him
in your bed beside you
it's not decent
what would the priest
have to say about that
I don't know
her mother said

Martha moved
to the side of the bed

can you go now Ma
I want to wash and dress
for school

you've nothing
I've not seen before Martha

a few things
have developed since
you saw me
in the bathroom last Ma
Martha said
for her mother to go

if your Da heard
how you speak
he'd slap your backside
so he would

the last time Da
saw me backside
it had talcum powder on it
and a crappy nappy
Martha said

her mother
raised her eyebrows
and sighed
and walked out
of the room
and closed the door

sorry about that Lord
she said
to the Crucified's statue
Ma has no sense of privacy

she moved off
the bed carefully
and pulled the sheet
and blanket
over the statue
and patted the head

the head of the statue
peeped over
the blanket at her

won't be long
just going for a wash
and clean and brush
me hair Lord
she said

she gathered up
her towel and flannel
and giving the statue
one last look
she went out
of her bedroom
and walked across
to the bathroom
and closed the door

she removed her nightie
and dropped it
to the floor
and stood there
gazing in the mirror
in her panties
and bra

musing softly
there's no sense
of privacy
with Ma.

Submitted: April 18, 2016

© Copyright 2022 dadio. All rights reserved.

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