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Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



Nuala enters her home
and leans against the door

she'd left Una
back in Dublin
after being in a cafe
for a coffee and talk
and having no place to go
they sat there
and talked

then Nuala realised
her husband Brian
would be home soon
and so said

look I have to go
Brian'll be home soon
and he'll wonder
where I am

Una nodded and said
I understand
can I see you next?

don't know
Nuala said
see you Saturday
Brian goes to football then
we can arrange
where to be together

Una nodded and said ok
and Nuala left her there
looking sad

now as she walks
into the lounge
she sits down
and stares at her hands

Una's landlady has got
all heavy with her
bringing me there
and I can't go
to her place anymore

as she sits there
the front door
opens and closes
and her husband Brian
comes in

been out then?
he says

she looks at her hands
yes just got in
she says
standing up
as he hugs her
and kisses her cheek

where you been then?
he says

seen a friend
and forgot the time
she says
taking off her coat
and walking past Brian
and into the hall
to hang up her coat

so who's the friend
that's kept my wife
from getting dinner?
he says

just an old friend
so what do you want
for dinner?
she says

thinking what if I'd
brought Una here
and Brian came in
and found us
in the bed
having it away
what then?

let's go out
he says
we've not been out
in ages besides
you look knackered
he smiles

she nods
imaging Brian's face
if he came in the bedroom
while Una was kissing
between her thighs

well you get yourself beautiful
and I'll get a beer
he says
and goes back
into the lounge

she watches him go
and walks to the bathroom
and undresses and showers
imaging Una behind her
arms around her body
kissing her neck

downstairs the TV's blaring
Brian's drinking
sitting there
not caring.

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