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Submitted: April 19, 2016

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Submitted: April 19, 2016



Brian having done
rolls over to his side
of the bed
and breathes out

as if he had
little breath left
to survive on
Nuala lies there

feeling violated
hot sweat
between her thighs

and damp and sticky
and breathing deeply
wonders if Una
heard the noise

of him and the bed
against the wall
and what she thought
if she heard

and wishes it
had been Una
and not him
not him but her Una

them making love
Una's hands
on her
holding and bringing

her to a new height
and fresher love
and kind of heaven
how was it for you?

Brian says
exhaling breath
gazing sidewards at her
in the semi-dark

she looks towards him
and smiles a false smile
a mask of gratitude
best ever

she lies
making it sound
as genuine as she can
he kisses her lips

she feels his lips
shuts her eyes
wanting it to be
Una's lips

not his
her soft thin lips
not his thick lips
he turns back

and lies on his back
and gazes at the ceiling
where light
from the street

plays there
Nuala sees
behind her eyes
Una there

her body so close
the vibration of her body
oozing heat towards her
and pretends it is Una

is her so near
but knows it isn't
it's Brian breathing deep
taking an

after pleasure rest
not good at all
she muses
not the best.

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