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Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



Can Helen
come out to play?
Benny asked her mother

I expect so Benny
she's just getting her breakfast
want to come in
and wait for her?

he said
so they walked along
the dark passage
and into the sitting room
where Helen was sitting
at a large table
with her siblings
and baby in a high-chair

I got up late
Helen said

Benny sat in
an armchair
by the fireplace

no rush
got all day
he said
want to go
to Camberwell Green?
He added

Camberwell Green?
Her mother said
that's a bit of a way Benny
she said

not too far
he said
only a short bus ride
I go a lot
to the cinema

what are you going
to do there?
Her mother asked

look at some shops
and I can show Helen
the hospital
I was born in
he said

Helen looked
at her mother hesitantly
can I go?
She asked

well as it's Benny
and I think he's ok
but be careful
of the roads
and strange men
her mother said

she went out
to the kitchen

Helen looked at Benny
is it far?

No not far
short bus ride
he said
he watched Helen
and her siblings eat
and looked around the room

there was a homely feel
about the room
and a smell of cooking
and past dinners
and washing hanging
by the fire
on a clotheshorse

a radio was playing music
the baby was playing
with its food
in a bowl

Helen looked over at him
can we get an ice-cream
while we're out?

I expect we can
he said smiling

Helen finished her breakfast
and went to
the kitchen/ bathroom
to wash and change

Benny watched
the other kids
and listened to the radio
and the fishing forecasts
about Dogger Bank
and other places
gazing at the other kids'
jammy faces.

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