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Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



Benny walked
to Hannah's flat
and her mother
answered the door

(her mother was a Scot)
and stared at him
och it's ye
she said

best come in
the wee boy's haur
Benny followed her

along the passage
and she settled him
in the lounge
giving him her look

(which would have
brought fear
to a brave grenadier)
Hannah came

into the lounge
got behind
she said
all like a cat's tail

where we going?
Benny suggested
a trip to Jail Park
to ride the swings

and slide
want to go to
an art gallery
she said

see some art not
ride swings or slide
Benny nodded his head
and said
ok and talked
of where his old man
used to take him

in the West End
to see art
just going
to tell Mum

she said
and walked
to the kitchen
where her mother

was doing washing
in the copper
gang whaur?
her mother said

I’ve nae bunsens
just bus fare
Hannah said
the art gallery's free

her mother opened
her purse
(moths flew out
Hannah later said)

and placed a few coins
in Hannah's palm
aam nae payin'
fur heem

she said
hard faced
Hannah said
that's fine

and off they went
out of the flat
down the slope
to get a bus

to Trafalgar Square
and look at
the art in
a gallery there

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