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Submitted: April 01, 2016

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Submitted: April 01, 2016



Janice and I
went to Jail Park
to have a ride
on the swings
and slide and see-saw

it was the Easter holidays
and a warm day
and I met her
by the pub
near the park entrance

she was wearing
a yellow flowered dress
and white ankle socks
and her hair
was in two bunches
tied with ribbons

how are you then?
I asked
coming out
from the Rockingham Estate

I almost didn't get out
she said

why's that?
I asked

Gran said
I had been naughty yesterday
and spanked me
and said
I was to stay in
all day but after
I did extra chores
she let me out only
she said
if I was with you
and I behaved

what did you do
that was wrong?
I said

I let the canary out
and it flew all
around the room
and almost got out
and we had a job
to get it back
in the cage again
Janice said

almost made
freedom then
poor bird
I said

Gran was so annoyed
with me
Janice said

does it still speak
those naughty words
I taught it?
I said

no not anymore
Gran was not happy
about that when
she heard it
but it says other
words now which Gran
has taught it

we entered the park
and went on the swings
side by side
and we both tried
to go higher
than the other

I pulled back
and went forward
trying to get
the swing to reach high
and I pushed my feet out
as if I was going
to touch the white clouds
in the blue sky

but Janice got higher
than I
I don't know
how or why.

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