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Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



Your journey from London Bridge railway station to the Tate Modern is one that necessitates you asking a few people the way there but none of them saw Anny Horowitz beside you her ghostly hand in yours the chill like entering cold water and after the consultations you made your way forward as directed Anny turning her head to view the sights the Thames the buildings the people her blue eyes wide with interest her blonde hair moving to her motion what's it like this art gallery? she asked looking up at you I’ve never been before so I don't know you replied she let go of your hand and ran to the embankment to look at the river Thames and the boats you followed her over and then you stood beside her she stood leaning over the wall careful you said then thought but she's spirit not flesh and blood now what harm can come now to her after Auschwitz she looked at you I’ll be careful she said smiling a woman stopped by the wall and peered out at the river Anny stared at her and the woman looked down at her then at you is she with you? the woman asked you can see her? you asked yes the woman said I’m a medium I often see those who have passed over but she looks different she paused and looked back at Anny and you can see her too? yes you replied but I’m not a medium the woman said who is she? her name is Anny Horowitz you said she died in Auschwitz in 1942 the woman studied Anny how do you do young lady? Anny smiled and said I'm fine just going to the art gallery with my friend the woman nodded her head good for you and then the woman walked off waving who was she? Anny asked I’ve no idea you said she said she was a medium someone who talks to those who have passed over to the world of spirit Anny said nothing but climbed down from the wall and took your hand again and pulled you onwards along the path by the embankment then after a short while you saw the Tate Modern and entered and was overwhelmed by the place and the crowds of people you stopped inside wait here you said I need to get a ticket for the Damien Hirst exhibition and Anny released your hand and stood by the wall unseen by others but still looking anxious you walked a few paces then she was by your side again taking your hand you smiled and shook your head and walked to the booking office and waited in the queue standing behind a woman and man he sighing and she trying to look unperturbed Anny stared at them both her blue eyes searching them and their expressions they don't look very happy she said you gestured with your hands as if to say that's how some people are after a number of minutes you got your ticket and got the lift to the level where the Damien Hirst exhibition was being held and showed the man your ticket and went in and wandered around looking at the paintings and sculptures and Anny stared at each one in turn especially the one with flies and maggots and the severed cow's head and the shark in a glass case and the black sheep but she said nothing just looked at the exhibits then at you and pulled a face then she ran back to the severed cow's head and the flies and maggots and you followed her and she put her nose to the glass case and stared hard horrible she said really horrible after five minutes you left the exhibition and went to a small cafe and ordered a coke and a sandwich and Anny sat opposite you looking around her then she spoke about her mother and sister Paulette and their happy days and then about when the dark times came and Auschwitz her voice childlike which seemed to be around you but none of the others in the cafe heard not even the woman and child near by at a table near the window you said nothing to interrupt Anny's talk and she didn't want any reply it seemed but the girl with her mother nearby stared at the place where Anny was sitting she seemed fascinated by Anny's 1940's dress and shoes and smiled at Anny and Anny smiled back that little girl's got old fashion clothes Mummy the girl said to her mother pointing at Anny then the woman turned towards you but saw no one then looked around about her then you stood up and Anny followed waving to the girl and the girl waved back and you heard her mother say don't pretend about such things here Millicent and don't wave to strangers then you and Anny went to the other art displays and saw some of your favourite artist's work such as Munch and Jackson Pollack and Picasso and Mondrian and Anny stood beside you her eyes moving over the works her hand clutching yours especially the Rothko paintings where you stood for some time and she stared and looked at you then stared again then after a good hour or more you made your way back to London Bridge railway station stopping on the way for another coke and sitting in a some bar and staring out and Anny sat in a huge chair her legs moving back and forth her small hands on the arms of the chair quiet and staring her blue eyes drinking in all that she saw just you and she sitting peacefully there.

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