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Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



What did your da say
about the letter
from the nuns?
Magdalene says
to Mary on the way
to school

like the fecking
Grand Inquisitor
Mary says
almost got
the thumb-screws out
and the fecking rack
she adds

Magdalene looks at her

what about your da?
Mary asks

got on his high-horse
he did slapped me arse
on passing out
to his precious garden
Magdalene says

bet it was the Bridget
the sex-starved bitch
Mary says
anyway have to avoid
going into the bogs
together in future

what was in the letter?
Magdalene asks
did you get to read it?

No Da kept it close
to his chest afterwards
then tucked it in
his trouser pocket
and even I'd not fancy
going in there
Mary says
but he said it
was about us being seen
going into the bog together
by a nun

they walk on
towards the school

what was your da like
breakfast time?
Magdalene says

he didn't speak
he just glared at me
and ate his breakfast
and talked to Ma
about the getting him
some fags and seeds
for the garden
Mary says

O the reciting
of the 10 Commandments
and how ashamed he was
and what the heck
we were doing there
and so on
Magdalene says

what did you say?
Mary says

said we were just talking
as the other stalls
were filled up
Magdalene says

didn't mention about
kissing then?
Mary says smiling

no thought best not
didn't fancy his belt
across me
Magdalene says

they walk into
the school gates
passing the thin nun
whom Magdalene says
looks like a clarinet
and on into
the school grounds
with bells ringing
and other kids'
shouting sounds.

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