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Submitted: February 11, 2016

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Submitted: February 11, 2016



Jane’s parents
invited me to tea
one Saturday
(my mother said
it was ok)
so I walked along
Bug's Lane to where
she lived and knocked
at the door.

Her father opened the door
he had his dog's collar on
(he was a parson) and said
come on in Benedict
glad you could come.

I stepped into the passage
and he closed the door
and there was the smell
of polish and cleanliness
and religious pictures
on the walls.

He showed me
into the sitting room
and Jane was there
helping her mother
lay out the table
with sandwich and cakes
and other items for tea.

She smiled when she saw me
and I smiled back
her mother looked at me
and her eyes searched me
then she smiled too
and said
take a seat Benedict and relax
so I sat on the settee
and looked around the room.

There was heavy wallpaper
and other religious pictures
and crucifix on the wall
over the fireplace.

Her father disappeared
from the room and then
her mother went off
to the kitchen to get more items.

Jane said
glad you're here
I think they want
to get to know you better.

I nodded not sure
what to say
and she whispered
I said about us not having sex
and they know I wouldn't
but they just need to be sure.

I was unsure what to say
so I said ok I understand
(although I didn't
but said nothing).

The mother came back
with a huge teapot
and the father came in
with milk jug and sugar bowl
and set them down
and they hovered
about the table
like nervous hosts.

How are your parents?
her mother asked.

O they're fine
I said
Dad's working on the forestry
and Mum's keeping us
clean and well fed.

They smiled
and her father said
o that's good
I am glad they are well
and doing God's will.

Jane looked at me
her eyes bright and shiny.

Well help yourself Benedict
the father said
and we helped ourselves
to sandwiches
and the mother poured tea
and added milk and asked
about sugar
and then she talked
about my siblings and school.

Her father said
do you go to the church?

I looked at Jane
and her lovely eyes
and the small buds
of bosoms just pushing
her dress top out a little.

We go to the small church
at Diddling
I said
it's nearer and we know it better.

The father nodded and said
yes it's the smallest church
in the county
I preach there now and then
if the other parson
can't make it otherwise
I have my own church
to look after.

I nodded and saw
Jane’s lovely curve of body
the way her hips were
and I wanted to talk
to her alone
but didn't get the chance
as the parents talked
most of the time.

I listened and ate
and drank and smiled
gazing at their only child.

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