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Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



The Kid saw Anne on the lawn
with a nun and a man
standing by the table
at the far end,

as he approached
he heard Anne say
who said about
an artificial leg?

Your parents
suggested it
the man said
and I have come
to measure you
to see the size needed,

you will need
to stand up
so the gentleman
can measure you
the nun said,

hey Kid
Anne called
come over here
and help me up
on my crutches,

Benny walked
next to Anne
and helped her up,

she stood there swaying,

the Kid holding
onto the arm,

all right Benny
you needn't hold her
she is quite capable
of standing
on her crutches
the nun said,

I want the Kid near me
Anne replied,

can I get on now?
The man said impatiently,

get on what?
Anne said
what you think I'm
a bus or a chair
to get on?

I meant
with the task
of measuring you
the man said,

do as the gentleman wants
Anne and stop being
so tiresome,

the Kid looked at Anne,

she looked at the man
as he took out
a measuring tape
and measured her
for an artificial leg,

she sighed
hey don't get
too fingery
she said,

Anne that is enough
the nun said firmly,

the man finished
the measuring
that is that done
he said
eyeing Anne
it will be
a month or so
before we can get you
to try it on he said,

then you
should be able
to walk again
the nun said,

thank you
Mr Forbes
what do you
say Anne?

Yea don't
be too long
getting it done
she said,

Anne that
is not polite,

that is all right
the man said
I know children
I have my own
he looked at Anne
and smiled,

she did not
smile back
but looked at the nun
and said
is that it?

The nun sighed
and said yes
and walked off
with the man
across the lawn,

Benny watched
them go,

Anne sat back
in the chair,

did you see
that Kid
see how
he touched me
fingers on
my leg stump?

Benny nodded,

darn penguin
what's she
know about kids
and him why
I bet he's got kids
who dread him
coming home,

Benny looked at
the departing nun and man
at the far end
of the lawn
in conversation,

hey Kid
get my wheelchair
I want to go
see the sea,

ok Benny said
and set off
towards the house
full steam ahead.

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