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George Elmore
opened up
his tired eyes

he had dreamed
of the Front
barbed wire

loud gunfire
human cries
mud and blood

quiet now
his old room
his own bed

curtains drawn
sunlight bright
and she there

gazing out
at the view
the house maid

what's her name?
Is it you?
He uttered

Polly turned
quite startled
you're awake

Master George
how are you?
She walked next

to the bed
and stood still
I don't know

how I am
am I home?
She nodded

yes you are
in your room
in London

and you are?
I'm Polly
a house maid

she told him
what to do

this is home?
He uttered

yes it is
it's your home
where's Gwyer?

He asked her
who's Gwyer?
My batman

he was here
not seen him
Polly said

are you sure?
Yes I'm sure
she sat down

on the bed
took his hand

is lost now
George informed
he was there

beside me
in the trench
then was dead

I'm sorry
Polly said
and Gwyer

where is he?
George asked her
I don't know

she replied
who are you?
I'm Polly

the house maid
who am I?
You are George

George Elmore
Polly said
he lay down

closed his eyes
leave me here
he uttered

and beware
of the shells
Polly sat

and watched him
still holding
his cold hand

and he thought
he was in
the war land.

Submitted: March 02, 2016

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