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Submitted: September 08, 2009

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Submitted: September 08, 2009




The room gets full of smoke and voices and jazz music playing loudly over your heads and Gigi says to you come on Blue lets get out of this joint before we catch or die of something and she takes your hand in hers and off you both go down the stairs and out into the chill night air and along the dim lit sidewalk in a kind of hurry as if life was going to run out at any moment and had to be lived to the full before the bones set and the skin wrinkles and come on she yells and laughs and run she says and she hauls you down back alleys and dark streets pass guys with odd looks and drunks and junkies who shout obscenities behind you both as you scurry and all the time her hand holding onto you as if she thought you might try to escape back into the boring normality from which she’d plucked you some months before when you met her at Duke’s place and she chattered you up and eyed you over and eventually after getting you drunk and almost out of it all she got you into her bed and made hours of passionate love and kisses and holds and embraces in all kinds of places and now she takes you up steps that lead along a passage to a door where thumping music shakes the frame and she hammers on the door with her small fist and yells out names until some guy in a French beret and dark glasses opens up and nods you both in and closes the door behind you and follows with a slow steady gait his eyes moving over your ass as if he’d never seen one before but you guess he’s seen plenty and moved in on them many a time and Gigi hugs and kisses people you don’t know and still gripping your hand she briefly introduces you to them and taking drinks from some dame with a tray she passes one to you as she lets go of your hand and drains hers without a second thought or breath and rushes off across the room leaving you holding your glass like some schoolgirl at a new school knowing nobody and shit scared and wishing to heck she’d come back but you can’t see her or hear her with the music blasting and people pressing on you and hands and faces and legs and feet some people laughing and some dancing others talking away in a foreign tongue and someone touches your ass in passing and you can’t see who it was and you stare and sip your drink and hold yourself tight inward as if you could shrink into a small ball and not be seen or touched and then she’s back again and hauls you off with her through another room and up stairs at the back and along a passage to a room where the door is open and a few people are laying around smoking and gazing and sleeping and she takes you to a corner and sits you down with her on a dark brown settee and offers you a cigarette from a box and lights it for you and says take a deep drag Blue and see the world swim and angels sing and you take a big drag and she kisses your cheek and says good girl Blue and lights a cigarette of her own and hauls it deep and smiles and lays back with her head resting on the headrest of the settee and brings you close with her and the world and the room and the your body and her body and your mind and her hands and her lips seem to become one and an ever evolving mass of images and feelings and ideas and music weaves itself in and out of your body and mind and Gigi speaks but the words float away and mingle with the colours and sounds and her lips nibble what maybe your ear or the far end of the universe and your drowned mother moves out and in and about you with that last final bitter word that bites into you like some ancient tormenting death wishing curse that echoes through you and in you as Gigi stares and says Blue honey come closer come nearer don’t drift out to sea but your mother has you and drags you down into the deep waters of her memory where she wants you to drown.

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