Amy Hathaway

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

(TW) Amy Hathaway is another victim of Mr. Schultz at Greensbin Highschool. now she stands on the bridge reliving the experience. She takes her leap and feels herself pulled into the water, fifty feet away from her target: the rocks...

I could hear cars behind me beeping horns and people stopping to look at me as i stood on the bridge. The freezing December air, blew, making me unsure of my balance but what did it matter? I was here to die anyway. Life was not worth living. All I could think of is what happened. The memory that terrible, unbearable feeling..

The cold was starting to chill my bones but it still felt better than how I had felt last Thursday... 


"Skank!" Clarissa Leay yelled, pouring her orange soda into my lap in the lunch room. The soda splashed all over my white shorts and Brent, my new boy-toy, next to me. She came from behind me and did it. What did I do to her?

"What the fuck is your problem bitch?!" I yell at her, stading up. We were about the same height but I was more physically mature than her. She looked at me and threw the soda can at me but missed. As she turned around to leave I reached for her medium length black hair but my action was interuppted by a the principal's voice.

"Clarissa and Amy," the thirty year old Ms. Peroski yells our names across the cafeteria. "My office, now!"


That was only the beginning of the worst day of my life. Clarissa started the problem but that day after school is what pushed me to do this. I could hear sirens starting to get close to the bridge and more people stopping their cars to look at me. I turned around to people staring at me. Mothers with young children were trying to get them away from this scene. I wish my mom had protected me that day....


There I stood in the corner of the chemical closet at school, Mr. Schultz standing over me, a stern face with pure evil in his eyes. I could not believe what he just said. Should I do it? There was no way I could have gotten away...

  "Now," he said, beginning to repeat what he had said. "take off your little skirt and let me see those pretty panties you are wearing." This was not the first time I had heard something like that but this was the first time i did not want to do it. Was this some sort of punishment? Was this karma catching up to me?

Suddenly, his face turned to anger and he slapped my face, knocking me to the ground. I landed on my back with my legs slightly open. The old pervert jumped at the chance. He got on the ground and put his body over me, keeping me from getting away. He began to smile and leaned in close to me. He started kissing my neck. Shivers went down my spine but not the kind I was used to. These were fear and disgust.

  Then I saw one of his hands move towards his pants. I saw him undo his zipper and the button on his pants. Then he stopped and began to move his hand up in between my legs. His cold wrinkly hand slid up my inner thigh towards my crotch. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine this was not happening. I tried to ignore what it felt like. I tried to ignore everything he was saying....


I openned my eyes and looked down at my target: the rocks beneathe this side of the bridge. I wanted to hit the rocks, not the water about forty feet away. The dark blue water rippled, distorting the lights from the bridge and the stars and moon. I could hear police behind me now. They were shouting but I ignored them like I wish i could have ignored Mr. Schultz. I sighed and closed my eyes again, listening to the sirens and people yelling, pretending they cared if I died or not.

Then i looked to the sky and watched the large white moon. Clouds began to move across it, killing its light. Then I felt the silence, like my mind was at peace now. I closed my eyes again and let go of the railing i had grasped so tightly until now. I felt the wind take my body and felt my feet slip from of the small ledge I stood on. I could feel the world falling around me nearly instantly. I could feel myself falling from it.

  Then I felt something grab around my body feeling almost like a hug.  I opened my eyes to see someone hugging me as i fall and suddenly the lights on the bridge went out and the dark clouds covered up the light from the moon and the stars. I closed my eyes again and felt cold water rush around me. Ripples and waves crashed around us, as we plunged. I felt the person let go. I did not move. I missed the rocks so I let my body begin to drift. I would just have to drown in the river.

  Then I felt something else grab my arms. It pulled me and pulled me and i felt life begin to slip away...


I suddenly burst to life, cold and wet, laying on the shore. I began to shiver and feel reality sink in again. I opened my eyes to see that the bridge lights were back on. Hiding most of the light was the figure of a teenage boy, kneeling over me. I had seen before but I could not place my finger on it. He was soaking wet like me but still produced a shy smile. His soft brown eyes looked like emblems of hope and light. I almost instantly felt the feelings from earlier today and the feelings from Thursday wash away from my body, like the water cleaned my soul. 

  "Are you okay now," the boy asked. His voice was soft and almost harmonic. He placed his hand behind my head and helped me sit up. "luckily we made it into the water. Those rocks could have killed you but it's okay now. Whatever it was, it's okay now, I promise."

  I looked at him again and now realised it was the new student in my history class: Theo Witlock. How I remembered his name i will never know but as i began to fade back to unconciousness i remembered that image of him kneeling over me. 


When i woke up again i was in the hospital. My dad was sitting in the room next to me praying. He was still in his work clothes. He must have left the sermon he was giving to come see me. Despite the feelings i had earlier, i was now in a good mood. i was alive, saved by Theo. My dad looked up at me and saw that i was awake. He walked over, took my hand and smiled.

  "Thank god you are awake Amy," he said, grasping my hand tight. "That boy was a blessing. He swam into the river and pulled you from it." Did he say swam? No, he fell with me and pulled us out.

  "No he didn't," I replyed, arguing with my dads thought. "He jumped after me and pulled us both out. I felt him grab me." My dad looked at me baffled.

  "Clarissa, thats impossible," my explained. "There is no way he could have caught up to you and landed in the water with you. He would have gone into shock from the broken bones like you did." Broken bones? I looked down to see my leg in a cast. Then i looked around to see an IV, most likely with pain medicine.

  "But i felt someone grab me while i was falling...." i said, my thought drifting off. My dad produced another smile.

  "It was angel, pulling you into the safety of the water. It's a true miracle you didn't hit the rocks." 


With that thought, I conitnued to lay there, thinking, reliving what happened on the bridge but an image began to intrude on my other thoughts, distracting me from my fall: the image of Theo kneeling over me, smiling...


Submitted: October 31, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Daemon Micks. All rights reserved.

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Jonah Ryan

Really dark. I liked it. It was well written and pulled you through in a way where you feel like you're watching the events unfold and not just reading words on a page.

Fri, November 1st, 2013 5:42pm


So glad she was saved! And Theo sounds like a nice guy... Great!

Sun, December 22nd, 2013 9:12am

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