An Unwanted Guest and a Guest Unknowing

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Angel has found a new acquaintance, related to one she knew before who has secrets of her own.

Submitted: April 19, 2015

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Submitted: April 19, 2015



Where am I?  I think to myself trying to look around and move, but it’s too dark to see. There’s no room to move. I feel like I’m trapped inside of a box. The only thing I can hear is my own heartbeat, but it’s slow. It sounds as if I’m barely alive. I can’t remember anything. How did I get here? Who am i?

“HELP! HELP!” I scream as loud as I can but it echoes inside the box I am in. I move just enough to feel right above me, my hands cramped at my sides. There’s cloth on the top and sides of the box. I bang on it hard. It sounds wood. If it’s wood I can break it!  I pound and pound again. I can barely feel my hands as they hit the woods but I know they still hit it. I can feel that the wood is thick but it’s not perfect.

I hear screaming from a girl above me, and a growl? Another growl and another scream. Someone needs help. I bang as hard as I can on the box again and again but I’m barely making it through. Damn it! I need to get out of here and help her! Wait, why do I need to help her? NO! I have to help her!

I bang on the wood again and again. More growling, a loud thud. Footsteps moving away. Muffled voices of women… Is she okay? Maybe…i…should…go…back…to…sle-


I need to get out of here! She’s still in danger! She needs my help!

Again and again I bang on the wood. I can feel it starting to get weaker and weaker. I finally break a small whole threw but stuff starts falling into the hole. Dirt and rocks? Someone’s buried me! But why? Where am I? Maybe she knows!  I put my hand through the wood and begin to slowly rip and tear away at it. The jacket I’m wearing is tight, it’s keeping my movement restricted more than this box already is.

MORE SCREAMS! I HAVE TO HELP HER! I tear the wood more and more, making this box fill with more dirt and rocks and sand. It’s getting bigger. I can almost squeeze my body out. I can hear the sounds of tearing flesh and breaking bones. How can I smell blood from here? They’re far away aren’t they? It doesn’t matter. I have to get out so I can help her!

I can fit my head out! I sit up and begin clawing my way through the dirt and rocks, my jacket is ripping. I can feel rocks scraping my skin but it doesn’t hurt. I can hear more clearly, she’s still in trouble.


“Rotraine?” Angel repeats to confirm what the girl said.

“Katherine Rotraine,” Katie nods confirming her identity. “Why?” Katie takes a step back and prepares to run away.

“Any relation to a Stephen Rotraine?” Angel slowly reaches for her charm bracelet. Police sirens wale a few streets over at the warehouse that once held the rave.

“My uncle,” Katie says tensing up some, waiting for Angel’s reaction. Angel relaxes and puts her arms at her sides.

“Your uncle and I worked together in Boston,” Angel says relieved and smiles at the girl. Katie sighs in relief and nods.

“Oh okay. So you met my other uncle and my two aunts as well.” Katie’s smile turns to a look of horror as she sees a figure appear behind Angel. She screams trying to warn her. Angel turns around and leaps backwards, dodging the strike from Erik’s sword.

“I knew I sensed you!” Angel yells taking her sword and shield from her charm bracelet. Erik looks at the aspiring angel and steps forward into the moonlight. Angel looks shocked at the warlock’s body: it is deteriorating. He no longer has the tattoo of his cursed sword on his arm and he looks frail. The eerie smile that once cursed his face is no longer present and he looks almost skeletal.

Erik lunges forward and swing a poorly made axe at Angel. She deflects it with her shield easily and stabs the warlock through the stomach, his once wicked speed now gone. She removes her sword and Erik falls to the ground, bleeding and motionless. Angel stands above her enemy of nearly a year with a misplaced sense of victory. This was not the warlock who once killed the person she was sworn to protect. This was the mere ghost of what energy he had remaining. This means that the succubus was either dead or had found a more powerful host for her powerful magic.

Angel turns around and looks at Katie, putting her weapons away. Katie looks at the woman impressed and terrified all at once. Suddenly an arm bursts from the ground behind Katie.


FREEDOM! I CAN SEE THE NIGHT SKY!  I pull myself from the dirt and instantly see her. There’s another girl with her and two bodies on the ground.

“Master I’ve come to help,” I yell to her as clear as I can. I stretch my arms out to offer her my service and protection.


A person pulls itself from a grave that is only a day or two old. He wears Army dress blues, torn and dirty. His eyes focus on Katie and it moans loudly at her with its arms outstretched.

“BY THE HEAVENS!” Angel yells running to get in front of Katie and drawing her sword.

“Stop!” the teenage necromancer yells to stop Angel. She puts her arm out across Angel’s chest to stop her, but Angel being bigger than the girl pushes past her and makes her fall to the ground.

“Master!” I yell seeing the woman push her to the ground. I lunge forward at the woman who draws a sword and try to grab onto her. She leaps back, desperate to avoid my touch. I try to run after to her, feeling my body become less stiff. “You will not harm her!”


The zombie moans loudly again and Angel darts back again as it begins to move more limber and free than normal. She looks to Katie with an odd look.

“Are you a necromancer like your uncle?” Angel yells dodging the attacks of the zombie. She moves out of the way of one of it’s punches and knocks it back to the ground.

“Yes, I think I might have summoned him. My magic was delayed somehow.” Katie yells standing up. She begins to cast the spell to send it back to grave but freezes as the impossible happens:

“I PROTECT MASTER KATHERINE,” the zombie yells as it charges headlong into a stunned Angel, knocking her to the ground.


I got her! The lady didn’t try to move! I’ve got her trapped on the ground. Master is safe now. Something fell off of my jacket. It’s a name tag that says Rodriguez…. Is that my name? It is! Paul Rodriguez! And something else fell off… two snakes wrapped around a pole? Like and ambulance symbol…

Master is calling! I stand up and get off of the lady I tackled. I walk to master Katherine and stand in front of her.


“Master…katherine…” It moans out in front of Katie. She stares at it in amazement.

 “A zombie that can think and speak… A Twilight forged… it’s impossible.” Katie says looking to Angel as she stands. “We can NOT kill him. My uncle has to know about this.”

“I’ve been alive for 60 years and I’ve never even heard of it,” Angel shakes her head in disbelief. “Fine. But we have to get it back to your uncle now. I’m not letting this thing roam around.”


“HELP! HELP!” Someone yells from down an alley. It’s too late for me to be outside walking alone but I needed to clear my head. Now I can hear someone in need of help. I grab my purse tight and run towards the screaming. It sounds like a child begging for mercy.

I turn down the alley but I see nobody there. I cautiously walk down the alley and see no traces of anyone. I shake my head and think maybe I was just tired. I stayed out at that rave too long and now I’m day dreaming again.

 I turn to walk back onto the street.

Something sharp hits me in the face.

I’m so sorry.  Whispers in in my mind.

It slices across my cheek and ear.

Blood sprays from my face and I collapse to the ground.

 I shriek in pain.

“WAKE UP, WAKE UP,” My mother is standing over me shaking me awake. I screamed in my dream again and woke her up. It’s still dark outside and my parents are standing over me in tears. I sit up and my parents wrap their arms around me. “It was just a dream honey.” Just a dream?! It was the nightmare that I have relived every day since it happened.

“Lucy it’s okay,” my mom whispers. “tell her it will be okay David.”

“oh. It’ll be okay sweetie” My dad says rubbing my back.

It will all be just fine. Whispers in my head….


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