Bewitching Boston 3 of 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The arrival of two other members of Stephen's family and their fight against the witches.

Submitted: March 07, 2014

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Submitted: March 07, 2014



The sun sets over Boston, and the shadow of John Hancock Tower darkens out the city, Cozzas, Stephen, and Geoffrey stand on the roof of Geoffrey’s massive house. Geoffrey stands on the very edge, his arms outstretched with Stephen and Cozzas standing behind a few feet. Geoffrey now wears a long black trench coat like his brother’s overtop of black slacks and a maroon t-shirt. Between his outstretched arms he hold a large leather sack of blackish-purple feathers. He closes his eyes and begins to chant quietly, magical energies flowing from his lips and into the feathers.

The Summoner opens his eyes and throws the bag of feathers into the air, spilling them into the air. The feathers all grow and take to flight, now as one hundred ravens with glowing red eyes. They fly through the city, scouring, searching for what their master has described: a clearing or wooded area, secluded with a plethora of odd figures standing around a central point. They fly over buildings and through the city while some search the small wooded areas around the city and the large parks.

One raven in particular flies over a series of abandoned warehouses in downtown Boston. As it scans for the figures it’s master commanded it to, an object zooms past It in the night. A large crow, the size of an eagle, flies through the night, black magic dusting off it’s wings. The raven follows behind it, unnoticed by the large crow.

The crow flies into an alley but he raven remains circling above watching. Just before the Raven touches ground, it begins to writhe and wriggle, squirming and shifting, growing womanly arms and legs wearing a dress that is a deep purple. The head of the crow changes and grow into a large flat brimmed hat with black and purple feathers with long gray hair streaking from beneath it. The face is that of an old woman, her face partially deformed and scarred by use of her black magic. Her skin hangs off her face, the skin from her forehead seemingly blinding her as it falls over her eyes.  Her nose is long and crooked, bent to the left side of the face. Her lips are gray and boiled, hiding a toothless mouth. The raven follows the witch to the end of the alley where she meets two figures standind under a streetlight.

The figures are that of a man and woman. The woman is rather short, standing around five-foot-four in a black leather jacket with a tight red dress underneath.  She wears black leather boots that stop at her pale knees, leaving a six inch path of skin from her legs showing. Atop her head is long black hair, stopping past her shoulders. The streetlight glints off the nose piercing she has in her face. She stands with her arm hooked around the man's left arm.

The man is that of someone in their early twenties. His thin figure only known because of the tight black jeans he wears. A long black trenchcoat stops just below his knees and black leather boots on his feet, chains hanging from them. His black hair casts a shadow over his face allowing only the glow from his crimson eyes to be seen in the darkness.


Erik and Natasha look at the hideous woman as she walks slowly from the shadowy alleyway. They can sense the powerful black magic cascading off of her. She brings her face to look at them, despite her eyes being covered by her warted, sagging skin. She looks them head to toe and then nods and smiles, showing a mouth completely absent of teeth.

Erik suddenly picks his head up, looking at raven perched on a building above them. It looks down at them intently, undisturbed by their presence. He raises his right arm and pointa hia palm at the bird. He sends a pulse of negative energy through his arm, expelling it from hisnhand and hitting the bird.

When it strikes the bird, the energy overloads the bird, causing it to explode in a burst of feathers, blood and arcane magic.


Feeling one of his summonings be destroyed, Geoffrey gets a chill down his spine, absorbing the knowledge it had. He turns around and looks at Cozzas and his brother. 

"I found a witch in a warehouse district," he says, relaying the  information. "She rendevoused with two people. One woman and one man, both with high concetrations of negatove energy inside of them. The man projected some of it outward and obliterated one of my ravens. They have to be involved with the council tonight." Stephen cups his chin with his hand and drums his fingers on his cheeks, thinking of their next course of action.

"So," Cozzas says looking at Stephen. "What next?" The young man looks confused but enthusiastic to take down the witches.

"Well," Stephen begins.  "We have no idea of how many witches will be there or how powerful they are. If someone could will negative energy from their hand without an incantation or sacrifice, they are incredibly powerful. It stands to reason that the woman he was with must be powerful in some way as well.

"More backup could help but it is short notice," he continues. "And Geoffrey can only produce a limited amount of summonings. Agents will take far too long to mobilze and don't stand a chance if we're fighting powerful wizards." The two wizards share a glance and they both cock their heads to the side. Geoffrey shrugs and Stephen sighs heavily, dropping his head.

"Only Anna," Stephen says as Geoffrey raises his hands in the air. "Little sister will be mad if we leave her out. Besides, she doesn't get a chance to do things like this much. It will help her mature." Stephen sighs again.

"Fine," Stephen mumbles. "But her damn illusions better not get in the way." Geoffrey smiles and raises both of his hands in the air, placing them in a snapping motion. He closes his eyes and whispers something under his breath. He opens his eyes again and smirks with a soft chuckle. He throws both of his hands down and snaps his fingers.

Two intricate circles appear on the ground with complex runes and shapes inside of them.  One cirlce a is a light purple, the other a fiery red. In the red circle, a spurt of flame erupts from the circle and then disappears, a woman now standing there.

The woman would have the pale skin of her brothers, if not for the time she spends in the sun. Her lightly tanned arms are tattooed with bright orange and red flames that encricle her arms entirely, dotted by skulls, and runes fitting in perfectly to the design. She wears an orange tank top that stops an inch above her baggy green cargo pants. On her feet are gray and orange skateboarding shoes, slightly used. Red shortnred hair falla to just above her shoulders, encasing her always angry face. She glares at Geoffrey intently, her hazel eyes piercing his body.

From the purple cirlce, a bright rainbow light erupts then disappears leaving a short girl in the middle. She is barely five feet tall and is very thin.  She wears one pink flip-flop with a cat on it and one white flip-flop with a daisy on her small feet, contrasting the neon green skirt that falls to her knees. On her torso is a vibrant yellow blouse complete with orange polka dots. A thin red scarf hangs around her neck and a blue straw hat on her head. Her long multicolored hair rests at the small of her back. Just as her clothes, her face is vibrant and she is smiling, her gray eyes glistening in the moonlight.


 Seeing the bird explode with magic, Natasha snaps her eyes to the witch. Her face is full of anger.

"You were followed," she spits at the witch. "Expect company tonoght. How many of you are there?" The witch smiles again and walks around them to the door of a warehouse, seemingly abandoned. She scrapes on the door with one of her long, curled finger nails, etching the shape of a crescent moon, surrounded by a pentagram. It glows brightly and the door suddenly opens inward slowly.

The witch enters the warehouse, followed by the warlock and succubus. As they enter the secret meeting place, eight witches gather around  one witch who stands in the center of their circle. The witch that just entered joins them, making it ten total witches. Each witch wears a black dress of some sort, most of them reminiscent of colonial ball gowns or now black wedding dresses and have horrible deformities on their faces.

The witch in the center looks different in some ways. She wears a far more modern dress, sking tight and stopping just above her knees, the back of it open, showing a red pentagram tattooed on her back. Her black hair is streaked with purple highlights and falls at her collarbone. Her face is young and that of a professional model except for her black eyes with a red center. She smiles, showing perfectly white teeth, as Erik and Natasha enter.

She steps from the circle and walks over to them. When she reaches the succubus, the witch drops to her knees and bows her head in honpr to the demon.

"Welcome," She says, her voice melodic, as if multiple female voices spoke at once. "It is an honor to have you here mistress." Natasha smiles, amused at her performance and continues walking towards the circle of witches.

"Let's get started," the succubus says. "Before we are interrupted." She moves moves to the center og the circle and leans over to Erik's ear. "Watch the door, and monitor Garth's energy. If he starts to fight outside, help him. Leave no one alive." She then gently kisses his ear and turns away.  Her servant moves from the cirlce and sits on a few boxes, staring blankly at a wall.

"Now," the demon begins. "I am building an army."


"Damn it Geoffrey," Anna says angrily at her brother.  "What is it? You asked if I was busy, not if you could summon me." She then turns her eyes to Stephen and then Cozzas. "What's g-"

"Stephen!" Samantha yells, leaping at her brother with her arms open. She grasps him in an unwanted hug and nearly takes him to the ground. "How ya' doin big brother?" She says with a radiant smile. Stephen manages to unwrap her arm from around him and take a step back. Seeing Cozzas standing awkwardly, Samantha attacks him with a hug  as well. "Oooo. A friend! Hiya!" Shes yells loudly at the awkward young man.

"By the arcanes," Anna mumbles, throwing her head back. "What is it Geoffrey? Stephen?" The two brothers look at each other abd share a sigh. Stephen takes a step forward and opens his mouth to explain.

"we've traced down a witch," Stephen says. "She is going to a council of witches and we aren't sure of how many will be in attendance. They met with two people, one of which could project negative energy at will without the use of a spell." At this note, Anna's eyes grow wide and Samantha's smile fades from her face.

"Being the family expert on battle magic," Stephen continues. "What do you propose he is Anna?" Anna thinks for a moment, her eyes looking down up into her memory.

"Possibly a warlock," she says after a moment. "Not even you can will negarove energy Stephen and you are the most in touch with our necrotic background. If it comes to fighting him, Stephen, you'll have to fight him. Your immunity to negative energy will give you a large advantage but be careful. Warlocks all possess other hidden powers unique to them." Stephen nods and then looks to Samantha.

"Samantha," Stephen says, formulating a plan. "You'll be the distraction. Can you summon something to guard her but stil provide multiple combat summonings?" Geoffrey nods confidently.

"Anna," Stephen continues. "You will have free reign to work your magic. If we can, try to keep whoever is in charge alive so we can capture them.  If that seems too difficult, avoid any hellfire magic that would burn her soul." Anna nods and smiles, clutching her fist tight.

"Cozzas," Stephen says turning to the battle virgin. "Watch for any solid objects they may hurl at you. Otherwise you should be fine." Cozzas hesitates but then nods at Stephen.

With all of them in agreement, the wizards and the magicless man make their way to Geoffrey's royal blue BMW and Stephen's black jeep. They pile into the two cars and speed off with the summoner leading to the warehouses.


The witches all nod and agree to the plan the succubus has laid out. They raises their hands one by one, shining eerie purple light from their palms. As all ten witches raise their hands, the succubus lowers her chin slightly and smiles evilly.

"Begin the ritual!" She yells into the air. The witches all extend their arms out to their sides and whisper a dark incantation. The head witch moves about the circle, slowly drawing a complex pentagram on the ground. Ash she finishes the first line of the star, Erik springs to life, running from the boxes to the door where Garth now stands fighting.  He summons his sword from his arm and runs through the metal door, knocking it off its hinges and sending it flying.

The heavy metal door flies between Garth and his opponent, who stand thirty feet apart, facing each other in the middle of the street. The streetlight illuminates Garths well chiseled body fighting someone who lures the eyes of Erik: Angel.

She notices Erik out the corner of her eye and becomes raged with anger. She ignores Garth and leaps at Erik, sending Erik into his thirst for battle. His creepy smile grows across his face and he runs at her, sword in hand. Once again he out maneuvers her and jumps over her, landing with his chest to her back. As he reaches his arm around to try and grab her, screeching tires make Erik spin around quickly.

The wizards' cars screech to a halt and the 5 people exit them quickly. They walk and gather in a line across the street, facing the warlocks and Angel. Geoffrey searches his memory for the figure of the man he saw.

"The thin man with the sword," he says, looking at the unfamiliar woman. "That’s not the woman from earlier either. I'm not sure who the girl and the other man are."

Angel sends a quick kick at Erik, only slightly pushing him forward and flips to the side standing diagonal to the wizards. She glances at them, feeling for any evil from them. While one is bursting with negative energy, he himself is not evil.

"I'm an initiate into the Golden Halo," Angel yells to the wizards. "You aren't evil so I can trust you. They are both warlocks. The thin one is mine." She hopes for compliance from the group who just arrived. She grips her staff tightly and readies herself to move from their attacks just in case.

"Then I'll take the other one." Stephen says, taking his long-coat off and dropping it to the ground.

He reveals the purple and black runes that are tattooed on his arms, running from wrists to his shoulders, some stretching onto his back. He widens the base of his footing and looks over is left shoulder to Geoffrey.

“Lead them inside brother,” Stephen says as the unofficial leader of the group. “I think the door is right there.” He notions to the open doorway with a cock of his head. Stephen looks back to the front and then focuses his attention on Garth who stands in with his hooved feet ready to charge and his large axe in his right hand.

The warlocks exchange looks momentarily and then face their opponents. Erik raises his sword at Angel and shows his creepy smile, winking at her. Garth cracks his muscled neck to the right and then the left and raises his axe at Stephen. With a synchronized tenacity, the warlocks charge forward at their opponents swinging their weapons.

“Damn he’s fast,” Stephen says to himself as the hooved warlock rushes forward at him. Outmatching Stephen’s speed, he will have to rely on his quick casting of spells and activation of runes to keep him out of reach. Stephen quickly raises his right arm, casting off the leather glove. “Flante!” He yells, shooting a blast of force energy at the creature, slowing him down enough for Stephen to dart to the side, landing on one knee and both feet.

As Erik begins to assault on Angel, she tries to react, remembering the speed of his blows. She sets the bottom of her staff on the ground, the six foot golden pole standing a few inches over her. She focuses positive energy through it, expelling a shield from the top that extends a few feet out around Angel in a circle. Erik’s blade reaches the bubble but deflects off, making him turn on his heels and leap to the side. With her free hand, Angel begins to move it in the air around her in a circular motion as if gathering something. The air around her hand begins to glow a golden yellow as she moves and shapes the positive energy into a ball of energy, the size of a grapefruit.  

The warlock lands on his feet and points his right arm palm open at the bubble of energy. He extends his fingers all the way and sends a pulse of Negative energy through his arm, expelling it from his hand at Angel. The ball of purple and black energy erupts from his hand quickly towards it’s target. As it hits the yellow bubble, it whisps away in black and purple smoke. Erik growls and rushes at the bubble again, slashing furiously at the bubble, attempting to break it.

The other wizards and Cozzas enter the warehouse to see the witches chanting, red energies swirling around the room. Cozzas stops in his bewildered by what is going on. Samantha and Annabelle go around the magicless man and smile. The invoker’s smile is small and wanting, a look of fury in her eye. The smile of the illusionist is as it was before: vibrant and radiant. Geoffrey mumbles a few words beneath his breath and snaps his fingers. In front of Samantha, a large dog materializes from the air, the shape of a wolf but as tall as Samantha. It’s teeth are literally knives and it has an eye patch over it’s left eye. He growls and stays stationary in front of the illusionist.

Samantha giggles and swirls her hands above her head, making hundreds of golf-ball size stars of different color lights. She turns her head to her sister and nods. Returning her head to the front, she throws her arms out, sending the balls of energy at the witches. They circle the witches, buzzing around their faces and tickling the magical sense they have. Some of the witches twitch but try to keep concentration.

Annabelle smiles and puts her hands out in front of her touching wrists with her fingers spread open in a cone sort of pattern. She inhales deeply and gathers the energy from inside her, directing to the runes tattooed on the inside of her wrists. With a snap from her sisters fingers, Annabelle suddenly disappears, unseen by all.

Geoffrey snaps his fingers once more, creating ten average size wolves with a black star in their gray fur. They run past Samantha and Cozzas and towards the witches and Succubus. The wolves encircle and then leap at the witches, attempting to break their concentration. The head witch breaks part of her concentration, removing a hand from the circle and snapping her fingers. Ten jet black panthers appear in front of her and charge towards the wolves. The wolves and panthers meet in a battle of dodging and attempted bites at each other.

Cozzas waits next to Samantha, bewildered and confused as the summoned creatures do battle, Annabelle has disappeared and Samantha whisps her light around the witches, lifting their hats and hair and sloshing it around them. Form the corner of his eye, he sees a shadow slinking around a group of boxes. He takes his hammer from his side and runs over to them. He goes around the side of the boxes to see a girl in her early twenties, curled into the fetal position and crying.

 She is wearing a now dirty white dress and has brown midlength hair. On her feet are blue flat dress shoes. Her hands cover her face and she parts two of her fingers to look up at the man standing over her.

“D-don’t hurt me,” stumbles out of her mouth. She sobs heavily as she sees the hammer in Cozzas’ hand. “Please. I’ll do whatever you want.” She says, moving her hands from her face. As she looks fully up at Cozzas’ face, her tears fade away along with her hands and she smiles at him. She places a hand on a box and uses it to help her stand up.

As she stands up, Cozzas looks at her figure which is that of a very well-made hourglass. Now standing, her dress stops almost six inches above her knees. She looks at Cozzas with her soft face, one hand behind her, biting her bottom lip. She steps closer to the magicless man who stares at her, slightly confused. She leans forward to kiss him and he does not move.

As their lips meet, blue sparks erupt from them, Cozzas’ open eyes seeing them. He quickly steps back and raises his hammer in front of him. The eyes of the girl grow wide and her face turns angry.

“What magic is this?!” the girl yells, writhing back into the form Natasha usually takes. Confused, Cozzas stands back and watches as the girl contorts into another woman but now her hands replaced with claws. Natasha lunges at the man quickly

As an almost natural instinct, Cozzas swings his hammer out horizontally as hard as he can, striking the Succubus in the head as she lunges at him. The blow knocks her over and she falls to the ground and sudden, unprepared for the blow. Cozzas watches as the girl gets up and screeches like a bat at him. She takes her claws and slices the center of her red dress, letting it fall off of her. She stands naked in front of Cozzas she begins to shift into her natural winged self with black hair and nails.

Stephen fires blast after blast of force energy at Garth, slowing him down enough for him to dodge his charges. The warlock is incredibly fast and strong, crushing the objects he hits his axe with after Stephen moves out of the way. After avoiding another blow, the Warlock turns to face Stephen but does not charge. This time he raises his hand at the wizard and cackles, firing negative energy at Stephen.

Stephen stands up straight letting the blast hit him. The negative energy strikes the death-touched human and splits around him like it was nothing. Stephen smirks as the warlock’s crimson eyes grow wide. He raises his axe above his head and throws it as hard as he can at the wizard, a chain of negative energy streaming from it to his hand so he can control it.

Stephen activates a rune on his left forearm and produces a hand of negative energy which he uses to grab the axe and hold it in the air in front of him. With a smirk, the Wizard grasps the axe with his own hand and begins to quickly say an incantation. Energy gathers to Stephens hands and he thrust it outward, traveling along the axe and energy chain, turning it into ice. It reaches the warlock before he has time to break the chain and react, freezing the air around him and trapping him in ice. With a sigh, Stephen drops his head and looks over to where Angel and Erik now duel.

Erik has managed to break Angel’s barrier with the furious blows to it with his sword. They now play a game of cat and mouse as Angel narrowly dodges Erik’s devastating strikes. Erik slashes at the Initiate repeatedly with his massive demonic sword and all the while she dodges them, having trained her speed since their last bout. She can not match his speed yet, but is dodging many of his slashes and stabs and blocking the rest, but she has yet to land a blow on him.

Erik fights relentlessly, untouched by the fatigue of battle and the energy needed to swing his massive weapon, his chill-inspiring smile stretching across his face unnaturally. Still mortal, Angel pants heavily as Erik’s attacks have taken a halt for a moment. They stand in the middle of the street, roughly fifty feet away. A variety of objects are crushed or sliced in half from Erik’s wild attacks. Stephen stands fifty feet behind Erik and looks past him at Angel. She looks at his dull face and shakes her head no. Stephen shrugs and runs towards the warehouse door to assist his family and Cozzas.

Entering the warehouse, Stephen sees the wolves and panthers having a duel of teeth and claws. Samantha is moving her fingers about, hundreds of times a minute controlling the small lights of magic that swirl around the witches, irritating them greatly. Geoffrey glances at his brother and widens his eyes slightly with a bit of a smirk.

“Reminds me of training with father!” Geoffrey yells to Stephen and Samantha. Stephen rolls his eyes and Samantha giggles, much like a teenage girl should, but not in this sort of situation. Stephen looks around again and notices no evidence of fire or Annabelle, meaning the plan is going as it should. Nodding at his family, Stephen runs farther into the warehouse towards the witches.

The Elder witch turns to the charging wizard and hisses. Uttering words beneath her breath and the quick waving of a hand produces a clone of herself now standing in her place in the circle. The clone begins to concentrate and focus her energies. The real Elder witch glides into the air without movement of any appendages and a small trail of black dust behind her.

Stephen stops and watches the witch fly into the air. He grunts and begins to access the blast rune on his wrist. The witch cackles and raises a finger at him, launching a blast of sickly-green energy at him. Stephen moves out the way only barely, the energy grazing his left arm and leaving a sizzling wound the size of a quarter. He grunts again and fires a blast of energy at the cackling witch. It hits the witch and barely phases her, making her cackle even more and fly around above the wizard in circles.

The other witches remain in their summoning circle, highly irritated and distracted by Samantha’s efforts. A few hiss and groan under their breath but none move from their place in the circle, their black panthers still at battle with Geoffrey’s wolves. The two groups of beasts fight an even battle, neither creature able to overpower or defeat the other for now.

As total darkness finally sets over the city, the negative energies in the area rise sharply. The witches begin to produce more energy in their circle and the panthers begin to easily defeat the wolves as they grow in size and speed, slashing them with mortal wounds and sending back to the celestial plane.

“That’s not good.” Geoffrey says aloud. Samantha’s smile disappears and she nods in agreement, looking back at her brother. Stephen looks around the room and swallows harshly, nervous at what is to come now that the witches greatly overpower them.

A small black orb the size of a baseball appears infront of the witches. It slowly begins to open, reaching the size of a human body. It slowly turns red and a black mist begins to ooze out of it, concealing it. Magical energies swirl about the room and the witches begin to cackle in excitement.

Unbeknownst to all, a figure leans against the wall in the corner of wall in the warehouse. He appears young, in his mid-twenties with pale skin and black messy hair. Reflective black sunglasses sit on face, completely hiding his eyes that pierce the soul of the witches and Cozzas simultaneously. His body is concealed mostly by a long black trenchcoat that widens at the waist and is worn open. Beneath the coat is a black t-shirt, a red skull with crossed scythes in it’s center, and plain blue jeans that stop just above the toe of his black leather boots. He looks onto the battle emotionless, waiting to see if he will be needed.

“It’s OPEN!” Natasha cackles happily in front of Cozzas who stands confused in the sudden shift of the battle. He looks at the naked demon, holding his warhammer firmly. She hisses and charges at him again. Once again Cozzas sings his small warhammer at the womanlike figure but this time she ducks it and lunges up at him with her claws. Unable to do anything, her claws sink into the impervium’s abdomen, puncturing multiple organs. He exhales sharply in pain and falls over as the Succubus removes her claws from him and stands up straight.

She lets loose another cackle and takes to the air with her wings. She flies high toward the circle of witches.  As she reaches almost the center of them, she feels as she has run into something in mid-air but nothing is before her. She stops in surprise and squints at the air before her, flapping her wings to hover. She blinks a few times and then closes her eyes. She sniffs the air deeply, smelling an overwhelming source of magic. She opens her eyes quickly and sees a human floating weightlessly in the air, hands in cone shape and pointing down at the witches. The human looks at her and grins in a way that a demon could appreciate in other situations.

“DESTRUCTO!” Anabelle yells, launching the massive fireball from her hands down at the circle of witches. The red and orange fire engulfs all the witches but the elder with who hovers in horror, watching her sisters be burned. The witches screech in agony and terror as they are engulfed and burned away into nothingness. Samantha, Stephen and Geoffrey watch in awe at their sister’s raw power in Evocation.

“NOO!” Natasha screams, swooping down into the fireball. Her demonic body lets her shrug off most of the wounds but her skin is tinged slightly. As she flies through the center of where the circle once was, she freezes in pain and screeches. A sudden rush of negative energy being absorbed into her body paralyzes her in the air in the ball of flames.

Erik freezes in mid charge at Angel, his eyes growing wide, sensing Natasha’s pain. He looks at angel and uses his full speed to get behind her. He whispers something into his ear, unknown to even those who walk hell and heaven. Angel’s eyes grow wide in shock and she lowers her guard completely.

With another burst of speed, Erik charges into the warehouse after Natasha. The warlocks leaps over Geoffrey and Samantha and dashes into the fireball without second thought. He emerges with Natasha cradled in his arms. He glances around quickly and snaps his attention to the sobbing elder witch. She looks back at him and nods between her sobs. Snapping her fingers, herself, the warlock and the Succubus disappear in a puff of black smoke, leaving the odor of brimstone.

The fireball subsides and Ana begins to slowly glide down to her brother and sister. Stephen runs from where he is to Cozzas who know lays gasping for air and choking on his blood. He kneels beside him and looks helplessly at the dying man. Stephen lifts his head with one hand and looks at him sighing to himself. Cozzas slowly reaches an arm up towards Stephen’s face, trying to move his lips to say something.

“J-J-Jonathon,” the boy manages to utter. “Jonathon P-P-Pike.” The last words come from his lips which momentarily curl into a smile before his body relaxes and his soul fades away. Stephen nods his head and closes his eyes. The figure that once stood in the corner of the warehouse walks out the open door without notice or sound, seemingly invisible to those in the building.

“Agent of Death,” Stephen whispers, giving Jonathon last rites. Geoffrey, Anabelle and Samantha watch as their brother performs one of the few peaceful acts he dedicates himself to. “Take the soul of this young man under your wing. Guide him on his journey to the afterlife. Free his body of his innocent soul and save him from torment. Keep him safe from an eternity of torment on this earth in the shape of a specter or haunter of the night. In your name I plead, Amen.” Stephen opens his eyes and runs his other hand across Jonathon’s face, closing his eyelids and finishing the last rites of his religion. He sighs again and rests the boy’s head on the ground.

Standing up, Stephen looks at his siblings. While Anabelle and Samantha seem greatly exhausted, Geoffrey hides it in his stance, much like Stephen does now. Stephen nods for a moment and sighs once more.

“I’m going to need you all to stay until the cleanup team arrives.” He says in an apologetic tone to his family. Geoffrey shrugs and Samantha nods slightly, her face absent of a smile. Anabelle rolls her eyes slightly and shrugs, sitting on a stack of boxes nearby. The wizards begin to gather themselves and check each other for wounds, not finding any serious ones. They sit and wait for the cleanup crew in silence.

“AHHHHHH!” Natasha screams in agony at the power overloading her. She lays on a large rock on a cliff by the ocean. Erik stands guard around thirty feet away, his back to her, facing away from the ocean. The elder witch stands over the succubus, looking down confused and slightly scared. “My body, it burns!”

“M-Mistress?” The elder witch questions, trembling with fear. Magical energies swirl around the demon, lashing out at the surrounding rocks and grass. “W-What should I do?” Suddenly Natasha grabs the witch’s throat and pulls it toward her.

“Die.” She whispers to the witch. Her eyes grow wide and she tries to pull away from the demon but fails against her massive strength. The Succubus opens her mouth wide, letting a serpent of pitchblack energy slither from her mouth and into the witches. The witch’s eyes turn a dark shade of gray as the serpent fully crawls into her. The succubus releases her throat and her body ceases to writhe and wriggle.

The witch stumbles back and then freezes, standing straight. Her eyes close for a moment and then open back up, now black with a red iris. The eyes look down and examine the witch’s body as if something foreign now controlled it. The witch makes a small bestial growl to herself and then looks at the succubus. She walks over to the sleeping succubus and kisses her cheek lightly.

“Very good my child,” She whispers in an omnivoice. “Now I may gather the Nine Keys.”  She moves away from the witch and smiles, her black lips curling evilly. She slowly walks past the warlock and looks at him. Erik stares blankly, feeling his demonic master no longer in pain but still alive. The witch walks away from the cliff and vanishes into the growing mist of the night.


Stephen waves goodbye to his family and they pile into his brother’s car and drive off towards Geoffrey’s house. Agents in black jumpsuits and sunglasses wave machines and carved runes around the warehouse, searching for any corruption that may be left by the actions that took place, but not even a sliver of magical energy is left. The only negative essences to be found are in Stephen and the frozen warlock outside. Content with that discovery, Stephen takes Jonathon’s body into a black van to be taken back to headquarters with him.

As Stephen walks to the van he sees Angel, who he had completely forgotten about, standing infront of the van door. She looks at him with a stern look, moving her lips as if contemplating saying something to the wizard. He walks to her and outstretches his hand for a handshake.

“Stephen,” He says casually. She glances down at it and extends her hand, taking his handshake offer. They shake briefly.

“Angel,” She says with a casual tone and the raises of an awkward eyebrow. “They’ll be back. I’ve fought him before. They’re powerful. She’s a-“ Her sentence is cut off by her sudden collapse against the van. Stephen lunges forward and keeps her from falling to the ground. He supports her weight and then looks down at Angel, seeing she is fast asleep, exhausted from battle.

After a short debate in Stephen’s mind, he takes her to the back of the van and places her laying down on the bench seat in the back. The wizard returns to the passenger side of the van and an agent gets in the driver’s seat. The cleanup team and the wizard set off to the headquarters post outside of Boston.


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