Clarissa Leay

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(TW) This is the story of Clarissa Leay, a promiscuous teenage girl who finds herself in a situation from hell: detention with a creepy teacher. As she thinks things can't get worse, the creepy Mr. Schultz begins to act on the rumors spread around the girls' locker room...
(The story has foul language and mature subjects, hence the "R" rating.)

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



I must have been staring at the clock for the full two hours. There was nothing else to do. I was stuck in detention for two hours on a /Friday/. I did not think i deserved it. If anything, Amy Hathaway deserved the soda poured on her white, barely shorts. She was flaunting her non-existent ass around for all the boys to look at. Not to mention she stole Brent, the school's wrestling star, from me. And I was so close to getting one his famous "pussy dinings".

So there I sat for two hours, staring at the clock of the empty chemistry classroom. Black lab tables sat vacant. The only souls in the entire school were myself, a janitor and creepy old Mr. Schultz.

Mr. Schultz was the creepiest man alive. He was atleast six foot eight and was about 230 pounds. He was in his mid 60's and had gray, balding hair. He's been the volleyball coach since my mother came here and even back then there were stories of him looking at the girls in their uniforms like a highschool guy would. When we get change for practice, we tell jokes about him looking at him through the vents or the broken locker in the locker room.

His detentions were the worst partially because I was on the volleyball team so he would try to talk to me about what I did wrong and partially because I could feel him staring at me. This was the first one of his detentions i had alone and the first one that was two hours long. Suddenly I heard keys jingling down the hallway. The janitor pokes his head in the door and looks around.

  "Aye, Mr. Schultz," he says, the 50 year old black man sounding like an old jazz singer. "I'm out man. Have a smooth weekend brother!" Mr. Schultz picks his head up and gives one his creepy smiles to the janitor. 

"You too Mr. Hykes." Mr. Schultz says with a nod. The janitor continues on and I hear the sound of his keys jingling off all the way to the staircase at the end of the hallway and then they fade off as he goes down them. "Now Clarissa honey, how are you doing?" Mr. Schultz asks me while walking over to the table I am sitting at.

Now he stands over the table looking down at me. My heart starts to beat fast, looking up at him as he looks down at me with his creepy smile. I reach down and zip my hoodie up all the way to cover up what little cleavage I had. A little bit of his smile went away and I stood up. He reached across the table and pushed my right shoulder down. Me, being a only 130 pounds and only five-foot-four buckled under his strength.

  "Where are you going," Mr. Schultz asked. "you aren't finished your punishment for what you did to poor Amy. She feels better now though after our private tutoring session yesterday though." A glint of sick happiness sparkled in his eyes as he looked down at me more. His hand was still on my shoulder, keeping pressure to make sure I stayed seated. He walked around the table, now standing in front of me. 

I looked down away from his face. In a glance I saw a growing bulge in his pants. What was he doing? What was about to happen to me? He was too strong for me to do anything. I felt his other hand on my other shoulder now but without pressure. Then I felt it slowly move down towards my breasts and that was exactly where it stopped. His hand began to rub and squeeze them through my shirt.

I closed my eyes and looked down. I could not believe this was happening. I felt his hand move to my hoodie and unzip it all the way. Then i felt his cold hand slide down my shirt. I moved back and pulled his hand out. Maybe he was stopping. 

  "You don't like that," Mr. Schultz said. "I'm sorry. Perhaps you'll like this better." He was not stopping. Then I heard a sound I regret hearing too many times, the sound ofa zipper being pulled down. 

Without opening my eyes, i opened my mouth and screamed.

"HELP!! RAPE!! RAPE!!" I scream. I feel his hand grasp my head and try to pull it close to him. I shut my mouth and try to pull my head down. He grbas my hair and yanks on it.

"No one can hear you!" He says,trying to pull my head towards him. "And no one will believe you. If you even say anything. Amy didnt."

Just as I could start to feel the heat from something close to my face I hear glass breaking and feel Mr. Schultz let go of my hair. I fall to the ground and bury my face in my hands in the fetal position. I hear Mr. Schultz yelling indiscrimnately and then a loud thud. I hear footsteps too soft for Mr. Schultz come over to me. 

  "Are you okay," the soft voice of a guy asks. I can not move. I felt my body shaking in awe of what just happened. Tears are rolling down my face as I barely pick my head up and see a boy squatting down a foot or so infront of me. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you bad? I need to know so I know if they need to send an ambulance too."

The boy looked unfamiliar to me at first but then I realised it was the new kid from my english class: Theo....something. His face was smooth and free of pimples or facial hair. His skin was slightly tan but that might just be his natural color. He had soft brown eyes and short, light brown hair. He was wearing a plain gray hoodie and blue jeans. And from that angle, the way sun was shining behind him and the way his hand was outstretched to help me up, he looked like an angel.

"I-I," I tried to say. I was still in shock from what happened.

"Are you okay?" He said again with a slight smile. "you can just nod." I nodded my head yes and took his hand. He helped me on my feet and then picked the chair up off the ground. It must have been knocked over in the struggle. I saw Mr. Schultz laying on the ground and broken glass all over the floor.

  "Do you-" Theo began to say but I cut him off by hugging him. I could not explain why but I guess it was easier than saying thank you. I still could not form words. He did hug back but only with one arm. Why? I did not care. I left his hug and let him finish his thought. "Do you have a cell phone? I don't have one."

  I reached into my pocket and took out my phone, handing it to him. I sat back in the chair and let the tears roll down my face slowly, not being able to shake the image of what hapened in my mind.It could hae been worse if not for Theo. I heard him making the call to the police in the hallway to get reception.

I heard him hang up and come back in. He handed me my phone and i felt something warm and wet on it. I looked down to see a little bit of blood on my hand. I looked to Theo to see one of his hands bleeding. That must have been why he did not hug back with both arms. 

  "Your hand," I say pointing at it. He looks down and shows a little smile.

"I'll be alright," he replies, trying to keep positive. "Clarissa Leay? right?"

"Yea," I reply, suddely remembering his last name. "Theo Witlock?" He nods in approval and shows another small smile. I hear the sirens in the distance.

We sit and wait for the police to arrive. An ambulance arrives to take Mr. Schultz to the hospital. They rush over to me and give me a check up. Police ask question after question. Then we go to the police station and file a report.

My parents pick me up and take me home. When I get home, I shower for nearly an hour and then put on sweats and crawl into bed. Instead of doing my normal routine of "pleasuring" myself before bed, I have an image stuck in my mind: Theo offering me his hand with the sun shining behind him. After much time I nod off into a deep sleep.

 When I wake up, I still have that picture of Theo in my mind. I have never woken up thinking of a guy, atleast not clothed and worried about being caught by him or his parents while sneaking out. I decide to stay indoors all weekend and read fashion magazines online. Not once do I think of Friday except for that one image of Theo. It's like the images and feelings were erased from my head. 

As Monday rolls around, I am happy to go to school. Despite the talk that will surround what happened, I have two things on my mind: what happened to amy, and to talk to Theo. As I arrive at school however, I hear news involving both Theo and Amy...


(The chain of short stories I just started will be focused around Theo Witlock. They will be stories form the point of view of people he encounters while a Greensbin Highschool. The stories are considered fantasy and it will be seen as to why as the story unfolds. Each story will deal with a real-world social issue common among teenagers in highschool but with a twist to keep the stories interesting and build the fantasy background that will be present at a later date.)

(The next story will be titled Amy Hathaway. Each story in the Theo Witlock series will have a TW in the beginning of the summary and will be titled simply with a persons name. My other stories will be titled other ways as to remove confusion.)

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