Deal with a Demon

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Erik and Natasha fulfill a favor for a demon and gain wo new allies at once...

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Submitted: January 20, 2014



Erik drives doing sixty-five miles per hour down a back road in Pennsylvania late at night. Natasha sits in the passenger seat, observing a map of Pennsylvania they bought from a gas station. Natasha growla lightly and throws the map into the back seat frustrated.

"By the fires in hell," the succubus says angrily. "This is taking far too long. The summit of witches is in two days.  We'll never make it in time and I am growing bored." She slumps in her seat angrily and looks over at Erik.

Suddenly a chill runs down her spine as she feels the presence of another demon close by. Natasha looks in the rearview mirror and sees the face a of man sitting in the back seat.

The face is that of a middle aged caucasian, clean-cut and flawless skin. His eyes glowed a bright red and shortly cropped black haor rested on his head. He wore a black suit and shirt accented with a bright red tie, and cufflinks. The figure is one that Natasha knows by name: Kiatsu the Binder.

“Hello,” Kiatsu says producing a wicked smile, with vile intentions and loopholes as teeth. Natasha snarls and rolls her eyes, looking back at Erik.

“Pullover,” She says to her servant annoyed by Kiatsu’s presence. Without hesitation, Erik slows to a stop as he pulls onto the right shoulder of the road. As the car stops, Erik puts it into park and sits patiently, not sensing any threat from the man in the back seat. Natasha turns around again and looks at Kiatsu who smiles at her.

“Your appearance is delightfully hellish,” The demon says in the almost angelic, smooth voice his body grants him. “It is quite beautiful. May I-“

“What do you want Kiatsu?” The succubus spits at him angrily. “What “great dea”l do you have to strike now?” Kiatsu’s expression changes to one that is unknown to his face: nervousness. Kiatsu gulps and looks at Natasha and smiles.

“I require a favor from you my dear,” The demon dealmaker begins. Natasha raises her eyebrows and her eyes widen in shock. “There is an old client of mine who is highly unhappy with a deal we made in the past. It seems that he is trying undo the deal that we made.” Natasha smiles wickedly and cackles, throwing her head back. She continues for a moment and then returns to a smile, looking at the demon in the backseat.

“So,” Natasha says, evil thoughts and conditions running through her mind. “you want me to distract him or put him under my spell? Sounds difficult. And of course, I will need this deal written and signed in your blood.” Kiatsu sighs and cups his chin with his hand, running his fingers across his cheek for a moment.

“That will be difficult,” Kiatsu says with a smile. “Because I made him a Warlock. If your powers can make him succumb, by all means seduce him, but I would not lose any sleep over a killed human and neither would anyone else.” At the word “Warlock”, Natasha snarls. Warlocks are immune to her curse and only the strongest of succubi can curse or persuade them unless made by their own magic. None the less, Natasha smiles again and looks at Eric. She says a tow words to the demon sealing the deal: “I accept.”

Kiatsu smiles and holds out his hand, palm downward as if holding something. Ashes begin to stirrup from thin air, wisping around and taking the form of a scroll, unrolled and hanging in his hand, abyssal words facing the succubus, written in black ink. At the bottom is the signature of Kiatsu, written in his own blood. Natasha smiles and place her finger on the bottom of the page. As she does, blood seeps from the pores of her fingers and leaks onto the paper, spinning and swirling into her abyssal name. A circle of fire begins to burn on the right lower corner of the page, suddenly extinguishing. It leaves a burnt black emblem that looks like a heart, pierced with a pen in the center of the circle: Kiatsu’s seal.

“Now naturally, he does not know my name,” Kiatsu says, repeating the biggest rule of being a demon: never let a mortal know your true name. “He knows me as the Demon Binder. He lives 10 miles east of here in the woods. Shall I teleport you there?” He raises an eyebrow as he looks at Natasha and Erik. She nods and the Demon Binder smiles. He snaps his fingers, making the Succubus and the Warlock disappear in a puff of black smoke, leaving the smell of brimstone in the air.


Erik and Natasha now stand in the middle of the woods in front of a small wooden cabin. It is decorated with various skulls, both human and animal, covered in writings all written in ash and in multiple languages. Stretched pelts and skins of a plethora of creatures hang over the inside of the two windows on the front of the cabin as drapes. In the center of the gravel yard in front of the house are large stones, three-times the size of a human fist are arranged in a circle around a two-foot-deep hole that is roughly ten feet wide. The hole contains a mix of ash and burnt bones, a large ten-foot tall wooden stake in the center of it. The stake is stained with blood in various places with holes from puncturing weapons and gashes from slashing weapons on it.

“Get ready,” If my magic fails, he is all yours. Erik nods and concentrates the dark energy in his body to the tattoo of his demonic blade. The tattoo glows an eerie purple and the blade slides off the tattoo and into his hand. The black blade glistens in the moonlight as Erik holds the impossibly heavy sword with a single hand.

As Natasha attempts to take a step forward, Erik extends his unarmed right hand out in front of her. She snaps a look at him and growls. Erik’s eyes remain looking forward, piercing the shadow the trees cast on the cabin. Natasha looks at the shadow and squints, unable to see anything. Suddenly, a black and purple dart the size of a kitchen knife erupts from the shadow towards Erik. Using his quick reflexes, Erik leaps to the left, landing on his feet.

Erik focuses negative energy into his gut, creating thousands of spiders in his stomach. They begin to follow the energy, crawling up his throat. Erik opens his mouth and the swarm of spiders erupts from his mouth, flying through the air at the shadow. Even the spiders that fall short crawl and scurry viciously on the ground into the shadow. A sudden yell comes from the shadow and a dark figure darts out of it, landing in the yard, brushing spiders off of him.

The figure is that of a man in his mid-twenties. His long gray brown hangs midway down his back and his eyes glow crimson just Erik’s. The moonlight illuminates the grey shirt tight across the man’s well-made chest, accented with blood stains. His black pants are ripped and tattered at the bottom, exposing feet that are inhuman, reminiscent of the feet of a goat that appear stitched on and mismatched as if they both did not come from the same animal. The hoof-footed man holds a massive axe in his hand, the head the size of man’s torso.

As the battle officially begins, Erik’s face contorts, producing his ear-to-ear smile, exposing the now sharpened ghostly white teeth. Without a single ounce of notice, both warlocks explode forward with blinding speed, swinging their weapons at each other. They match blows and strength, knocking each of them back. The warlock with the axe cackles and then charges forward. Erik matches the charge and stabs at the man who blocks his blow. Erik counters with a blitz of negative energy from his hand witch the other warlock blocks. Blasts of negative energy fly through the air, damaging and cursing surrounding objects, distorting them into twisted, dying objects.

Natasha watches as the two warlocks dance in battle. The art and pure beauty of their grace and fury entices her, hypnotizing her.

The succubus lies on her jacket with her left side facing the battle and her legs open and knees bent. She turns her head to the left and watches the two warlocks battle fiercely. They are blade locked in the center of the yard, their strengths matched evenly. The moonlight spotlighting them perfectly, showing the pure beauty in their evil.

Erik and the other Warlock break the blade lock and stand for a moment. Both men slice their blades at the air, launching a slice of negative energy through the air, canceling each other out. Not being mindless, the warlock created by Kiatsu laughs again.

“This battle is going nowhere.” He yells sickly. He laughs, closing his eyes, seeing the chance, Erik darts forward, slicing at the other warlock. Shocked, the other warlock only moves partially out of the way, the tip of Erik’s poisoned blade cutting the side of his abdomen. He lands on his feet and growls.

Angered, the deal-made warlock charges his axe with negative energy and hurls it at Erik, a chain of energy connecting the axe to the warlock’s wrist. Erik jumps to the left, avoiding the blow. He springs forward and attempts another stab at the warlock but is foiled as the warlock brings his axe back and dodges Erik’s attack.

Erik and the Warlock begin another set of charges, meeting in the center with their blades and then pushing each other back thirty feet. Each time they meet, sparks fly from their clashing weapons. As the warlocks meet in the center again then begin a set of blinding swings, too fast for almost any eye to track

The two warlocks burst back over fifty feet as they break their high-speed melee. The warlock created by Kiatsu is breathing heavily and has a multitude of cuts on his arms and torso but Erik appears unscathed and is breathing normally. Magic energy begins to saturate the air as the succubus begins to lose herself in her own pleasure of watching the battle.

Now furious, the injured warlock yells indiscriminately. He casts his axe out again covered in negative energy. As Erik blocks it, the force of the other warlock’s magic knocks Erik’s sword from his hand. Seeing the chain of negative energy still in the air, Erik leaps into the air, landing balanced on the chain. No longer weighed down by his sword, Erik closes the distance between the two of them within a second, running on the magical chain of purple energy.

Erik outstretches his right hand and grasps the other warlocks face, his knees on the warlock’s shoulder and Erik bent over incredibly. With the distorted smile on his face, Erik surges negative energy through his arm, destroying the warlock’s head. Blood, brain matter and bone erupt backward, glistening in the moon light as the blood mists. It rains on the ground as bits of bone impale a tree a few feet away.

The body of the Warlock falls and Erik falls with it, absorbing the energies the body held. He then stands and collects his sword, allowing it to reattach itself with his arm.

The dark energies from the demon’s excitement starts to kill the life around them, corrupting the very soil beneath the succubus. Plants begin to wilt and die, insects turning mad an attacking each other. A mouse nearby writhes and bubbles, turning into a distorted version of itself, now with larger claws and teeth, made for tearing flesh from bone.

Some of the escaping energy creeps across he ground, cascading over the earth towards the body of the dead warlock. It seeps into his body, overflowing from the neck where the head once was and swirling in it’s place. The energies form a more defined shape, recreating the shape of the dead man’s face. They reconstruct his face perfectly but the body still lays motionless.

The reborn warlock walks over to his axe and retrieves it from the side of a tree. He makes his way to Natasha and Erik. Still tired, Natasha returns to her chosen form but remains on the ground. Feeling the energies from the other warlock the same as Erik she smiles, now having another servant, something unheard of for a lesser succubus.

“Carry me Erik,” She commands. Erik picks her up and carries her in his arms like a hero would a woman he rescued. “Garth, follow us. Run back to the car.” Natasha gives her final command as she slumps into a rest for the long run.

As sun breaks, the speeding warlock reaches their car on the side of the road, Natasha awake but still in his arms. Kiatsu stands outside of the car clapping slowly. Erik sets Natasha down on her feet. She smiles and looks at Kiatsu.

“Well done,” the demon binder says. “Now he is your servant and I begrudgingly owe you a favor. Call my name at any time and I shall work what magic I can.” With a look up and down at Natasha’s body and a smile, the demon disappears in a puff of black smoke, smelling of brimstone.

“Hurry,” Natasha says. “The Coven is in two days.” And with the notion, the three pile into the car, Garth in the passenger seat, Erik driving and Natasha lounging in the back seat. Erik speeds off again towards Boston…

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