"Hund" and "Fanger"

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As the Second Infantry Division moves into France from Normandy, a small detachment begins to clear the buildings in the French countryside. In a small, forgotten village they stumble upon a church, desecrated by the Nazi's and now abandoned. Inside they discover a group of hooded about to sacrifice a young girl.
Their intervention saves the girl but kills all but one other person in that room. As they awake, they find that they are now sharing thier bodies with something dark...

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



D-Day +2, Somewhere in France, 1942

"Hey Collins," a voice broke the silence we had been patrolling in for over an hour. It was the voice of Private James Williams from Kentucky. He was right in front of me as we moved through the French countryside. "D' you see that?"

I looked at where he was now pointing. A small village laid miles away on the horizon. Our platoon was tasked with patrolling and clearing small villages in the French countryside, a job that seemed uneventful at times but I was glad. I joined the Army only so I was not drafted unexpectedly. 

"It’s another village." I said, pointing out the obvious as I passed it back to our squad leader, Staff Sergeant Hicks. Hicks nodded and without a word begin moving off the path and towards the village. Neither route provided any cover but we knew the Germans, if present would be covering the road with tanks or machine guns. We move quietly, creeping in the tall grass. 

As we move closer to village, I see no one moving about the village. All looks calm and absent of Nazis. I look to Staff Sergeant Hicks and see worry and cautiousness creep farther across his face. Why could he be worried? We do not see anyone in the village.

"You alright Sarge?" Private Williams asks Hicks, probably noticing the same look on his face that I did. 

"This village ain't that far from the center of the country," Sarge began. "There ain't no reason for this to be empty. No one movin' around ain't a good thing. Makes me worry that somethin' might be inside there. Be careful boys."

"Roger that Sarge." One man in the squad says. 

We reach the village in the matter of thirty minutes and slowly begin to check the houses and small buildings. Inside each every building we find no sign of life but find items strewn all about the floors and tables. Williams and I check rooms of little kids and find toys left out, obviously being played with before everyone left. Old, now rotten food sits in pots in the wood stoves.

Suddenly a woman's scream, draws us to run from the building we are in. We see Sergeant Hicks standing in the middle of the street pointing towards the church in the center of town. We all nod and begin to move between the buildings to the church. When we reach it we see the doors closed and dim candle lights through the windows.

I creep over to one of the windows and peer inside. I see a young woman dressed in a pure white dress laying in the middle of the cleared church floor. Around twenty figures in dark black robes stand around her. I can here faint talking and whispering come from inside while the woman screams still. 

"Sarge I don’t know what the hell is goin' on in there." I relay to him. Then I see one of the figures pull a large knife from his sleeve and begin walking towards the woman. "They're gonna kill her!" Without thinking I hit the window with the stock of my rifle, smashing it to pieces. I jump in and yell. "Stop!" I point my rifle at the robed figure with the knife.

The robed figures all stop and look at me. I can see pale skin and long beards on all of them. Without giving me a second thought, they turn back to the girl and begin chanting something in what I would guess is German. The man with the knife now stands over the young woman.

"HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screams in terror. I run at the man with knife in the center, his back towards me. I hear the church door burst open. 

"Nobody move!" Sarge yells.

"Niemand bewegt!" Sergeant Jenits yells in German. The man with the knife turns around right before I am within reach of him. He thrusts the knife at me and I am left with no time to react. 

I feel a sharp pain in my stomach.

I collide with the man.

We both fall to the floor.

I feel warm liquid saturating my chest as I lay on the ground.

The robed figures all yell something in unison.

I hear Sarge yell my name.

Darkness begins to cover up my vision.

I feel the world getting cold. 

I see a faint red light in the distance through my closed eyes.

I hear something in a language I have never heard before.

"Kill." is growled inside my head.

Suddenly the world explodes in heat.

I hear people screaming.

I hear breaking glass and wood.

I hear gunshots.

Loud thuds and crashes are followed by screaming and breaking wood.

Then there is the sound of muffled sobs, barely piercing the silence. 

I open my eyes and look around. I now stand in the center of town with carnage and flames where buildings once stood, the only thing remaining is the church. Despite the destruction, I do not feel sad but proud. I feel like this scene is familiar. I feel like I did this. I feel mad. I feel ready to destroy more. I hear something from my right.

  I turn to see the girl in white. Her dress is now torn and dirty. She is partially hiding behind part of broken wall, tears streaming down her face. She looks at me. 

  "Es ist geschehen?" she says in German. I have never taken German and can only say "hello" and "stop" but part of me, something inside me knows she's asking "Is it done?”

"Ja," I reply, knowing how to say yes. No other thought could come out. Not many thoughts were even in my head. I cannot understand what is going on. Words will not form in my head. I try to say words and it does not work. I cannot think. What is going on?



"You killed them," I say, seeing the confusion on the young man's face. 

"He does not know what he has done. He knows not of the beast now within him..." a soft woman's voice says within me.

Who is this? What am I hearing? How can he not know? What is happening?

"You my dear," the voice says. "Have been gifted with the presence of a demon hunter in your body and with you, a hellhound: a destroyer of, well, everything. You will capture and send back to the hell, the demons in your world who we do not wish to be there."

What? I am just a student at the university, taken here by those Germ-

“That is who you /were/. Now you are nearly immortal, under the protection of myself, Desmora of the Iron Whip. You may call the beast whatever you will. He will do all things we command. Now, call him and set off for Germany, there are many demons to kill."

With some instinct I step from behind the wall I am hiding behind. I think of what to call him. What should I call myself? I think of my literature class from Germany. I am a hunter... 

"Fänger.." I whisper to myself. That is my new name. "Hund!" I yell at the young man and what he has become. He turns to look at me and runs towards me. I close my eyes in panic. I open them to see him sitting in front of me, resembling a dog looking up at his owner. 

"No one ever said hellhounds were intelligent. Now go do your job. Or would you rather be dead as initially planned?"

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and with that, Fänger and Hund set out for Germany....


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