Through a Child's Eyes

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What if the monsters children see a night are real? What if one night, the monster stop watching, and start doing?....

(This is my first attempt at horror so please don't complain.)

Submitted: February 18, 2014

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Submitted: February 18, 2014



The bloodcurdling scream of his mother shakes Tommy awake in the black of night. His eyes burst open and he peers around the room from his bed. His head turns slowly in all directions, observing, looking for the monster that lurks in his room: he is not here. Anothee bloodcurdling scream comes from down the hallway, this one from his father.

Almost compelled, the five year old slowly takes his blanket from over top of him and stands out of bed. Slowly he tiptoes from his bed in his green Ninja Turtle pajamas, his brown hair in a mess. He steps slowly out of the open door of his room down the long dark hallway.

With each step he hears the shrieks of his parents. As he grows closer, Tommy can hear the sounds of large cracks echoing from the room. A sliver of light comes from his parents bedroom door. With one step, a floorboard creeks under Tommy's foot. Suddenly a shadow as tall as the door fills in 2/3 of the sliver of light from his parents door. All Tommy can see is a large red eye glowing from the shadow.

Tommy freezes as he looks into the eye for what seems like an eternity. Petrified in fear, the only thing that Tommy manages to do is let a tear run down the left side of his cheek. The red eye burns at Tommy and then blinks, making Tommy gasp sharply. The shadow disappears from the door and the shrieks of his parents continue.

 They continue for a few minutes and then suddenly stop. Tommy stands in the hallway motionless for a moment before finding his five year old courage. Slowly, Tommy begins to step forward again. He creeps over slowly, his body partially paralyzed by fear. As he reaches his parents' door, he peers in through the crack between the door and the doorframe.

What he sees in the room brings his five year old soul to torment and his body to screams louder than his parents. From the crack he can see the bodies of his parents in the middle of the floor. Blood is pooled under and around them and a dew drops are in the crack of the door. He reaches out with his tiny left hand and pushes the door open slowly, fully revealling the scene. He screams loudly again and runs to his parents bodies.

He runs to his mother, her torso laying in her blood spattered, mint green lace night gown. Her long brown hair sitting in the blood on the hardwood floor. Her body is face up, revealing her face trapped covered in blood.  Her mouth his cut at the corners, extending from ear to ear, her jaw open. Her open mouth is now absent a tongue and her eyesockets missing her once beautifully jade eyes like Tommy's. He hugs her body, his tears mixing with the blood on her gown.

"Mommy," he screeches. "Mommy wake up! Mommyyyyyy!" Tommy's sobs and screams mixing together as he stands and runs to his dad. He hugs his father's uncovered torso, splattered with blood as well. His face is that of his wife's, sliced cheeks and missing components. 

"Daddy!" The horrified five year old yells. "Mommy won't wake up! Daddy?" He screeches again and lets more tears down his face.

The confused five year old does what any five year old would and returns to his mother. He sits on the ground facing her body and leans forward, resting the side of his head on her breasts. He sits there in the blood, crying into his lifeless mother's body, looking into the dark hallway. At the very end of it, the red eye appears again, staring at the child. After a moment it disappears and Tommy closes his eyes.

He cries himself to sleep, blood mixing with tears ans saturating the boy's pajamas and hair.....

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