To Curse the Pure (E)

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Heading east to Boston, Natasha and Erik stop at a motel to rest and there, Natasha finds a soul suitable to be the subject of her spell.

Submitted: December 07, 2013

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Submitted: December 07, 2013



Natasha looks across the counter of the small motel's main lobby at the young man renting her and Erik a room. She looks at him and sees an attractive man but moy importantly: a pure soul, ready to be corrupted and spread her magic. To cast her spell however, Natasha will need to draw the man into bed with her, a simple task to accomplish once the lobby becomes less hectic, later tonight. She smiles politely, not disclosing the wickedness to her soul and her plan.

Suddenly a presence of divine purity and power enters the room. Erik turns around, facing a doorway that leads to a sideroom of the motel. A young woman, about 20, enters the room, the glisteing smile on her face turns to a sour look of fear. She turns and looks at Erik and Natasha, making eye contact with Erik. His dark crimson eyes glare at her bright blue eyes and the energies in the room build. 

"Angel!" the boy behind the counter yells. The girl breaks her stare at Erik and looks at him, returning to her glistening smile. "Could you see about the complaint on the third floor please? Something about flickering lights." 

"Of course Jeremy." She says with a nod and begins moving towards the stairs with a sense of urgency. Erik follows her with his eyes and as she looks back, Natasha flashes her an evil smile and shows her pitch black eyes for a moment. 

"Thanks." Natasha says to Jeremy, returning her face to normal and then looking at him. Uttering a word in abyssal under breath, she winks at him as she turns away and plants the seed of her hypnosis in the back of his mind. The innnocent boy behind the counter can not help but stare at the Succubus' perfectly formed ass, tight against her red dress.

Erik follows behind Natasha and they go to their room, 13A. As they enter the room, Natasha sighs a sigh of relief and removes her boots, jacket and dress, standing naked in the room. She writhes and wriggles, returning to her natural, winged form. She flops face down onto the only bed in the room. Then she turns over and looks at Erik.

"In a few hours, go and distract the bitch," She says, grinning evilly. "I've found the first victim to start spreading my demonic children. For now, rest. I'll wake you when I am ready."

 Erik nods, sitting in an armchair in the room. He lays his head back against the back of the chair and snaps into an unnatural slumber, his body resting but his soul active, sensing for any disturbances while he sleeps, unguarded. Natasha drifts to sleep, letting her body rest and her soul stay active, just as Erik's.


Natasha wakes from her slumber and stretches out her body. She stands and walks over to Erik who sleeps silently on the arm chair. She leans forward and kisses him with her cherry red lips, sending a surge of energy into his body. The Succubus stands back up and begins to return to her disguise.

"Get to work Erik." Natasha says. Erik stands and cracks his neck to the left and then to the right. Erik removes his long trenchcoat, now wearing a tight black t-shirt with a red skull on it, black skinny jeans held up with a silver studded leather belt and tall black boots that had two chains running in the front of them in place of shoelaces. His cursed spider tattoos accented well against his pale skin and matched his jet-black hair. "Don't let that bitch interrupt the ceremoney."

Erik nods again and makes his way to the door. He opens it and steps out into the hall. It is empty this late at night, nearly midnight.

He walks to the lobby and sees the girl, Angel, standing behind the counter. Her head snaps to the hallway that Erik has just emerged from. The two of them make eye contact and Erik smiles evily, his crimson eyes glowing from unedr his black hair. He opens his left hand and a tattoo of an intricate demonic sword glows, the sword now sliding from the tattoo and into his hand. The sword is nearly four feet long and almost a foot wide. It's dark black with a crimson, poisoned edge. With unnatural strength, the warlock holds it in one hand. 

Angel leaps over the counter, pulling a gold rod charm from her charm bracelet. It grows in hear hands, producing a six foot tall golden staff in her hands, weighted for battle. The Initiate takes a battle stance hold the staff infront of her with both hands while the warlock stands, holding the sword at his side with one hand. He grins evilly and charges at her.

She blocks his strike but is knocked back by his strength. He pulls his blade back again and swings, blindingly fast, Angel matches the blow with her staff but just barely. He swings his sword again and again, furiosity and strength behind each slashing motion and a large wicked smile on his twisted face that stretched almost literally ear to ear. Angel blocks all the attacks but only barely and is closer to missing each time.

She jumps and flps over him, smacking the back of his head with her staff. He turns around, that wicked grin still on his face. Again he rishes forward and begins to bombard her with swings from his sword.

Angel blocks two more strikes from the warlock but the third strike from his sword makes it past her defences. The sword slices through the air and cuts opn Angel's leg. She shrieks in pain and drops her guard. Erik follows with a kick, knocking her back.

With blinding speed, Erik moves behind her, pressing his chest against her back. He reaches his right arm across her chest and grabs her left shoulder. He moves his head to the right side of hers and looks at her. Opening his mouth Erik sticks out his tongue and presses it against her cheek. He moves it up, slowly licking her face, sending disgusted chills up Angel's spine and chills of pleasure down Erik's. He moves his face back and opens his mouth again, looking at her appetising neck.

Erik sinks his teeth into Angel's neck. A surge of pain spouts through her body. She tries to writhe out the Warlocks grip but he only bites down harder, breaking the skin and causing a small amount of blood to come from the wound. Angel says a prayer in Celestial and blasts positive energy from her hand into Erik's face. He releases his bite and grip, allowing Angel to escape.

Erik smiles again, licking the small amount of blood from his lips and feeling the energies in the area change: Natasha has started her ritual.

Erik and Angel hear the screams of Natasha's spell echo down the hall. Angel is stunned by the unfamiliar noises, leaving her open for attack, Erik charges her, slashing at her midsection. Angel attempts to react bit fails, taking his posioned blade to the stomach. She falls back from the force of the blow, and lands on her back. Erik walks over to her and looks down at her, his large evil smile on his face. He raises his sword, ready to stab her in the chest with his poisoned blade.


Her spell complete, the Succubus takes Erik's jacket from the chair. She goes into the lobby to see Erik standing over Angel, her bleeding and Erik ready to stab her. She walks by him, dropping his jacket by his feet. 

"Come along Erik." Natasha says, motioning him to come along. Erik releases his sword letting it return back to his tattoo. He picks up his jacket and with his large smile still on his face, he winks at Angel, leaving her there on the floor.

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