Goths and rational people united: my very furious article.

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The article below may be kinda confusing or insulting. I used some bad words, though i don't like using them. You have to visit and and then you can be relentlessly judgemental.
I was furious when writing, as I had just seen the page with torture tools. I know i am exxagerating, and no, i don't consider this a well-writen article but a shout.

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Submitted: September 27, 2008

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Submitted: September 27, 2008



 Before Reading, visit it.

I would like to state that, though I don’t like ‘labeling’ people, I consider myself a ‘Goth’. You probably know what ‘Goths’ are, but if you don’t know, I would like you to see this site in order to understand WHAT WE ARE NOT.

The last time I checked, we were in the 21st century. Someone has to remind Mr. Rev Green and Mr. Todd Green this fact.

If you are bored to have a quick look, I will tell you what it is about:

At first, you will most likely get the idea that it is against the Gothic subculture. And, okay, I know that this is not something uncommon, but that doesn’t make it right. But if you look a bit more carefully, you will see that those idiots, and I HAVE to call them like that, are against:

-Handicapped humans.


-Subcultures in general.

-‘Harry Potter’

-Black humans.

-Asian humans.

-Any other religion that is not Christian.

-Free will.

-Music like metal, hard rock, classic rock, grunge…


-Pre-marital sex.

-Many other things that I may forget right now…

And don’t take this as a joke, please. It is at least disturbing. You don’t have to be a Goth, or even non-Christian to be insulted. Personally, I find this site the most irritating thing on the Web.

If you’re Christian, I think you should at least be offended, because that man uses YOUR RELIGION, YOUR BIBLE and YOUR GOD to insult and terrorize other people. And, of course, misinform them.

Of course, I ‘make such a fuss’ and that may seem irrational and exaggerating to some, but I know there are people out there who will, unfortunately, believe what they will read in that site and… I dread to think how it will affect them.

Now, the upsetting part: this site is a creation of “PARENTS AGAINST GOTH” organization. I don’t know if that can possibly be true, but if there are MANY parents that made this up after ’10 years of research’ as they say, and concluded… to this awful piece of junk… I don’t know where this world will end up.

Honestly, I don’t think I ever got irritated in such a point by just looking. Because that’s what this site wants you to do: “JUST READ AND DON’T THINK”.

Hell… what can lead people in such hate?

If you see the “HATEMAIL WE RECEIVE” page, you will realize Goths didn’t like what they saw. I know that some of that swearing is too brutal to imagine, but not everyone is able to handle insults peacefully.

The writers are probably the most fanatic ‘Christians’, if you want to call them that way, in the world!

They claim they hate fascism, but they are just like Nazi! If they were given the opportunity, they would hunt down all the people they dislike and BURN them. Don’t think I’m overstating it. They say they are armed and ready to face any ‘Goth attack’!

‘Armed’ and ‘Ready’? Are they really?

I am surprised. I promised myself I wouldn’t write a brutal hatemail to the jerk who posted all that nonsense, but I couldn’t resist.

Read what I wrote:

Does this nonsense you dare post come in your void head naturally?

After reading your silly For-Goths-Intro I couldn't stop myself laughing.

What's the problem with you, fanatic, fascist and problematic Christians?

Seriously, do you get drunk or high before writing?  Do you even read it to

Check what kind of bullshit you're getting on the net?

Let me see…you have a problem with Goths (ok, your opinion though you Got all the facts wrong and probably talked to the wrong persons), problem with

 Other religions (yeah, you're the ONLY ONE who knows and understands God-ha-)

Problem with women, feminists (a Very Christian approach, brick-head)

Problem with handicapped children (What can I say? Were you bullied by them as a kid, 'son'?)

Problem with homosexuals (It's okay, yet the Bible says nothing about that, so stop dirtying it with your shit. Real Christians might get upset)

Problem with Harry Potter (?!) ok, it's not the best book ever, but…

I suppose you got a problem with black people too.

Well, look all those above…someone might say you are worst Christian on earth, which, in case you didn't notice, is not in the center of the universe. Don't you dare make fun of this, cause I've read more of your toilet paper Bible than others.

Are you the reincarnation of Hitler? Did Goths bully you? Are you mentally dysfunctional? Too sad.

Lots of Love Mr. Green –like marijuana heh?-

Will you post that or not? Are you too scared to set things straight?

And update the damn site of yours, cause I'm running out of jokes!

I know it isn’t funny. But, as I said, it is irresistible.

But really, you have to check it out, see what it says and do something.

You can also visit

A blog I have with a couple of friends, a response to that site and a good insight in our subculture.

That brick-headed, narrow-minded jerk can affect people who have no idea what their kid is, and eventually harm it as if it is some kind of monster. I know there are people who believe anything served to them.

They actually have some torture tools. They produce unbelievably insane information that is based on nothing! Really, what can go wrong? Parents that want to be Christians but freak out when they see their kid going Emo, Punk or Goth… or anything else.

Am I too worried? If yes, then tell me!

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