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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
An odd story of how a boy subdues fear and its "perks"

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012





Under the silver moonlight,

The forest loved to give a fright.

Ghastly shadows and noises came about,

Making anyone cry or pout.


Trampling around was lost little boy,

In the woods, seeking for his missing toy.

He searched high and low,

Hoping his toy will be his in tow.


Out from the shadows, Fear came,

Prancing about, wanting to play a little game.

A toothy, bloodied grin was on it’s face.

Claws all sharp, ready to give anyone a chase.


It tiptoed itself, nearing the child,

Silently chuckling, knowing it’s going to be wild.

It’s glowing red eyes brightened up,

Staring at the kid’s head he would lop.


The boy finally found what he’s looking for,

Unsuspecting of the oncoming gore.

Fear pounced and shrieked in excitement,

But what he found out was not for his amusement.


The boy turned and showed his identity,

He revealed, he was no ordinary entity.

His mouth was sewn shut, forming a smile,

And his darkened eyes were indeed vile.


Startled Fear teetered away,

But the boy neared him, wanting to”play”.

Fear tried to run, but it’s leg was caught,

No matter how he tried, he lost the battle he fought.


The boy dug deep onto it’s chest,

Found something important, leaving the rest.

He pulled out it’s heart, then reached for his toy,

Opened it’s chest that he seemed to enjoy.


He slid the heart in and sewn it back,

His toy suddenly moved, after the unholy pact.

Fear was now conquered and truly his,

And now Fear fears him, which is truly amiss.
















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