Flowers Life

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I'm a Tiny purple Flower.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



I'm a purple flower, flying high above anything else. The wind gently pushes me along as I sometimes change speed and direction. This is a cloudy day, and the air is cool. I can feel the calls of nearby seagulls, there talking among themselves.

Way below me are humans walking about. They all seem to be walking very fast and in such a hurry, when your a flower time flies for everything except you. I'm so calm and relaxed without a worry of anything.

The cool air feels good on me, I'm pushed upward near the clouds drifting with them for a short time.

I'm not sure how old I am, but that's not important to me for I am free. My life is my own but I am at the mercy of the wind that guides me to my closure.

It's beautiful seeing the world from this perspective, My roots use to belong to the soil. They were as one. But I've lived that life long enough and I was uprooted by a small human girl who loved my scent and my looks.

She took great care of me and soon became my friend, to me she was a Flower like I was and she'd sit there talking to me as if she understood me. I miss them days truly.

She sat my home, my vase up on the windowsill and I didn't know this would be my last day seeing my friend for when the window was opened I was knocked out, my home tipped over and me being so tiny I was easily uplifted by a gust of wind.

I Looked down at my home within a home as I was pushed further up.
I cannot cry and I cannot go back, for I cannot control nature and Flowers don't cry. But we do feel sad, and I feel sad that my friend will miss me, but It's out of my control.

So here I am. Flying down towards the ground once again, My roots getting dry and I think I'll dry up soon. A cat sniffs at me and people walk on by me almost stepping on me, nobody notices me since I'm so Tiny and I'm just a Flower.

My skin cracks and I feel my journey may come to an end, A Human child walks up to me and takes me home, placing me in the same vase I came from. This is my friend who I loss and now I found her again!. I don't think she just loves me for my Scent and looks!. I am now one very happy tiny purple Flower!. I am at home with my friend.

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