How She Lives

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A Poem About a girl with problems in her home.

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013



They yell,
They scream.
She covers her ears.

She four years old.
It's her fault, it must be.
The baby's crying.

Now the baby is 3.
The girl is seven.
Mom and dad are yelling.
Baby sister's crying,
it's her fault.

She's ten.
Dad's a drunk.
Mom's got a new dad.
Little sister's crying.

I tuck her in.
Dad's on the floor again.
Mom doesn't know.
My sister crys at night.

Mom and dad get back together.

Now im fourteen.
Mom and dad are fighting.

They yell.
They scream.

My sisters gone,
I sent her to grandpas.
So she wouldn't have to cry.
I sit here
and put in headphnes.

They don't like knowing that I can hear them.

My musics in.
I can't hear.
How they Scream,
How they Yell.

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