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Boy living in streets takes in a little girl. After some time he is taken by a rich young couple and raised right. He doesn't see the girl for years and then meets her years later, only vaguely remembering her.

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



Darkness. Lights. Fights. That’s what I remember about my old life. Pitch black allies behind brightly lit cities. There was a girl a little younger than me too, I think I took her in because she was like me. I can’t remember. What happened that night is a mystery to me, it seemed to happen so fast. She was hiding behind me with a puppy and my vision was blurred.
“Jayy….what’s happening? ....” her voice was barely audible over the screeching of cars. Two guys in suits had us cornered with weird guns. “Jayy….vain…” vain was always the word she said when she was upset or scared. That’s the last I remember of her.

When I woke up I was in a fancy house. It had a spiral staircase covered in maroon carpet, a crystal chandelier, and tons of windows. A couple was there also, and since that day they’ve raised me as their son. They want to raise me up as a gentleman but only so much can be accomplished when you have no idea who you are. Or who you’re missing.

My name is Jayy vanDuit now, and I’m going to be the next owner of my adoptive fathers tailoring business. Kids mock me for having long hair in my profession. None of them know that the reason I don’t chop it off is the girl whose name I don’t recall.
“Excuse me; master Jayy, time for school.” Lean, my butler, stood in the doorway smirking while I battled my tie. After nearly choking myself twice I bolted to the limo only to trip over my apparently untied shoe string. This was totally not my day.

We pulled in to my school, Trancy’s school of arts. It was the same as it always was, talk neatly kept students in cliques on the stairs, teachers quickly walking through them to their classes, and cars in a jam trying to flee the scene.
“What an awful mess.” Lean sighed. Just seeing the school in all its glory irritates me sometimes. I don’t know why since I can’t remember my old life, but sometimes I want to go back to it. Maybe if I did I’d see her again.
Days passed, then weeks, then months. Nothing changed. I went to a business meeting with my dad and got myself a sharp looking purple tie to go with the light blue suit my dad’s workers had made me for my seventeenth birthday a few months back. Then I saw her. After five years of waiting it was her. She’s a small thin girl with shoulder length hair that has red-violet streaks in it. She had on a black tank top and way to long torn jeans that flowed on past her bare feet.

My parents had told Lean to take me downtown to pick up some of my younger cousins. I’m not usually allowed in that area of town because that’s where they “found” me. I guess it makes since that if they only took me she’d still be there. And she was. Just sitting on a stone wall playing an old guitar. She didn’t even look up as we walked by. There wasn’t a guitar case to throw coins in just a water cup with a few pennies in it. I tossed in a five, hoping it would do some good.

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