Autumn Scene

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This was a descriptive scene which we were supposed to write.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



Autumn Setting Scene Project

The sea forming the horizon, meeting the sun as the sun dropped down slowly minute by minute, second by second. Ege couldn´t see anything but the darkening, fish rich Aegean Sea for hundreds of kilometers spreading out of the bay that he stays in. The water was translucent clean but colder than it was during August. As Ege dipped his “summer feet” which had hardened from the pebble stone beach, he felt a cool breeze pass through him. The chill gave him the pleasant feeling, as if he tasted one of the most beautiful dishes that life presented to him but, Ege knew that these moments would soon end as he would have to return to his school. Ege took his feet out of the water and stepped on the wooden dock that had weathered off from the waves the Aegean Sea had presented to it for years.

As he took steady steps on the dock, trying not to get splinters, he saw two tourist couples sleeping on a sunbed wrapped around each other. They looked young and were about fifty meters away from Ege. Ege wondered how long and how wide the beach is and guessed 200 meters wide and 20 meters deep until the bungalows of the pensions in the bay had started. Ege wanted his friends to come to the bay with him but, they preferred sand beaches and exciting nights. Ege looked at the rock which rose from the sides of the bay and thought how beautifully the waves had sculptured the rocks.

Ege took off his shirt and left it on the dock hoping the mild autumn wind wouldn´t push it into the sea. He dived into the water and got used to the cold water after a few meters of swim. Ege swam to the edge of the bay where it widened into the open sea. He examined the different places on the surface of the rock which started from the bottom of the sea and rose to 15 meter height. Carved by the sea and cracked by earthquakes there were many tiny holes on the scraped like surface. Ege saw a small group Coryphaena hippurus (a fish) pass by and wished that he had his gaff with him. There had been a rise in the population of fish since autumn started. He went up to take some air, dived again to watch the colorful pattern of the fish shine and glow as they faded away into darkness.

He took his head out of the water and felt a pine cone fell on his head. He looked up towards the clear blue sky and saw an orange like pine tree at the top of the 15 meter top. Ege turned his head to look at the wilderness and saw that the scrub vegetation of the Aegean area was beginning to change color. But not much could be noticed because; it only was the beginning of Autumn.

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