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This is my memoir which I wrote in 7th grade. Enjoy Techniques: (Psychological Insight)-(Self-deprecating humor)

Central Conflict: Me not being able to adjust to my surroundings.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



Starting School In Sweden

My parents took me to a place which looked like a school. The building was old, and made out of dark brown bricks. All these were much different from my old school. There was a sandy wet football pitch which didn´t delight someone to play on. Everything was different. I could no longer hear the people talking the same language as me, and I did not like the fact that the streets were empty. The sky was grey all the time. The people talked weird all the time. I had never seen these places in my life.

We went in a really big dining room with many children my age. The ceiling was tall with big lamps and wide entrances large enough for four people to walk though at the same time. All of them were smiling and running around playing tag just the way me and my buddy did. While the children were playing the parents were talking to two people who sat in the middle of everyone. Suddenly someone came up to my parents and said something I didn´t understand. We went to the center to talk to a man and a woman.

  There was a bald guy in front of us saying things which I didn´t understand. He was smiling as he talked and that made me more comfortable. I was watching my parents talk to him and wondered who this guy was. Before coming here my parents told me that we were going to meet my teacher and I was excited for it to be someone who I could talk to but, it seemed like he wasn´t going to understand me.

The first day my parents took me to school, I stared around the place with a thoughtless mind. All I did was to sit there and watch the guy I saw before, talk to my new class. The children here looked so different from each other. There were people from almost every continent there was. I felt better when I noticed that everyone was different just like me.

Some of the other kids looked just as curious as me. After the teacher had stopped talking everyone got up and took a bag from their equipment box. I looked in my box but, there was no such bag. I wondered what the bag could be used for and tried to ask the teacher with sign language. I pointed at the bags and shrugged. The teacher was smiling at me and doing the perfect sign. I sighed while shrugging but, the guy didn´t understand. I got tears in my eyes but, didn´t cry.

Everyone in my class walked to the building across our school in a perfect line. I was just thinking about how fun it was in my old school. The teacher assistant guided us to the other building. There was another guy waiting for us there. We went in a sock smelling changing room and everyone started putting on clean sports clothes while I had nothing with me. The sweaty smell of the room made me feel that we were sharing this room with older people. I was disappointed at my parents since they didn´t pack my bag completely. As we started class our gym teacher told me things about my shoes. I just nodded because, I didn´t understand anything.

The first weeks of school, I just started looking at other things, playing with my shoes and not listening to what the guy is saying to me. I thought that it was worthless listening to my teacher and I thought that it was more exciting playing with my shoe. I sometimes cried because, I didn´t understand anything and it was just frustrating being there. Thankfully my teacher was a really nice person who was willing to help me! Even though I didn´t understand I felt that he told me everything was okay and I would stop crying after a while.

The fact that not knowing anything made me think that it was worthless just even getting ready for school so, as soon as I would hear the alarm clock ring I would get up and run to my parents’ room. I would beg and cry for my mom to report me sick to school. I hated going to school. I didn´t learn anything, I didn´t understand anything and I didn´t have anyone to talk to. I was lucky when my mom allowed me to stay at home and reported me sick to the school.

I wasn´t a person really comfortable with going to the bathroom in places I wasn´t used to. When I sat in the seat, I wouldn´t be able to take a poo. Even though I strained the coldness of the seat and the thought of my mom not going to be able to help me was always repeating in my head. I would go to the bathroom and sit there for hours doing nothing and afterwards I would go back to the class crying. My teacher would show me how to sit and how to clean my butt. I knew all this, it´s just that I couldn´t do it. I sat again to try but nothing came even though I strained. My teacher took me by the hand and showed me that I have extra pairs of underwear in my equipment box but, I didn´t even believe that it was mine. My teacher was saying it was OK if I got dirty.

As the weather became colder I started to understand English and I tried to play with the other children. Even though I was poor in language the other children allowed me to play hide and seek with them. All this happened after 2 months we had started school. I started having friends which I played with all the time. Every day I went to school, while walking with my mom to the building, I would smile and think of the things I´m going to play that day. I was getting used to the weather outside which was depressing my sight all the time but, that didn´t change my ideas about how fun I will have in school.

I started having friends. I had mainly four people I hang out with all the time. Hamza, Anton, William and Joseph were the people I hung out with. There was a day we played “if you´re happy and you know it clap your hands” with the whole class. The old radio was playing the song while the people who didn´t memorize the words looked in the book while dancing to the song. The teacher assistant Marta was joining us as we danced. I remember saying “If you´re happy and you know it clap your hands” with my Turkish accent. Me and my friends were looking at each other and laughing at how well we dance.

We started math and I was saying the correct answer for every question Brent asked us. Brent said that we were going to have the last question of the day. I looked at the clock and felt the seconds ticking in my heart. I didn´t want the class to end. I raised my hand and Brent chose me. At first my brain stopped working for a while and I forgot the answer which I solved a while ago. I got up as if I had the answer ready but my brain literally stopped working and all I could say was “um…” all the time. My senses snapped back at me and I suddenly said “twenty!” Brent said I was correct; I smiled and sat back in my chair.

School ended and my mom was there to pick me up. I went home with a smile on my face.




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