2300 Hours

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Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Chapter 1 - Alpha

Morning came. Lisa walked out from under the sheet of metal she had taken shelter under the night before...shelter from them, those things. She looked to what she used to know as the sky. Grey and blood stained shades floated to and fro. Her boots, pasted with dirt, felt dead on her feet. Her trousers weretorn and shredded, herflying jacket wasn't in much better shape, not after the fire.The road before her reminded her of the films she used to watch, the long desert highway with a glimmer of a gas station further along. Her ears picked up on a distant punching of pistons. The sound was eery on this desolate road. Behind her the road stretched further than the eye could see but she could make out a military transportmoving at speed in her direction. Several minutes later the truck wasonly a hundred meters from her. It was travelling at speed. As it passedLisa saw the driver, the passenger and around fifteen soldiers in the back all sitting with weapons in hand. She was about to wave them over butstoppedshort when she noticed all of them were wearing gas masks. She couldn't work out why. Yes the atmosphere was strange but she didn't think it was poisonous...was it? What happened next messed her head around so much that she felt her brain was emploding. As she watched the truck drive away from her, vomit and blood started spewing from the soldiers' gas masks. They grabbed at their throats and some even turned on eachother, stabbing them with their combat knives as they fought for thier lives against whatever was killing them.Before she could comprehend even that, a shockwave-like bubble launched the truck into the air, spinning as it went. She heard the engine rev as the wheels searched for the road. It crashed on its roof, the upper half of thetruck cruppledlike paper.There wasnt much hope for the soldiers in the back even if they weren't coughing up their insides as it seemed that that was what was happening to them. The transport rolled over the side of the road and into the ditch that ran along the side of the road. She started running towards it.

Thursday, 2300 hours.

Lisawas flying south to re-supply a military facility with food and supplies tonight. She hadn't flown this journey before, neither had any of her colleagues, all four of them.Oasis Three was a small air base. With only one run-way, five small cargo planes and two small passenger planes, Oasis Three was the smallest air base within a hundred and fifty mile radius. Because of bad weather between her destination and its normal supply point, Lisa had been given the task to fly supplies to the facility. Her colleages joked about it being a ''Secret high security base'' that no one knew about.

''Be carefulout there sweet heart. Wouldn't want all those scary soldiers gettingtheir hands on you would we?'' Travis teased.

''Get fucked'' Lisa replied inher pretend amused voice.

''By you? I wish'' he winked and made a rude jesture.

''But seriously Lisa. Watch out over there. I've heard things'' Paddy said concerned.

Lisa liked Paddy. He was origonally Irish, obviously, and he had been her mentor when she had first arrived on the field. He was in his early forties and was the main man around the airfield. He was well respected adn didn't takenonesense from anyone. But he was a damned good friend and the best bossthat LIsa had ever had.

''I'llsee you tomorrow then'' Lisa said as she grabbed her flying jacket and flight plan from the tablein the office and left.

She walked out onto the run way to her plane. The flood lights burst into life and she turned to seePaddy waving her goodbuy from thewindowof the office on the third floor. She opened the door and climbed into the cockpit. Slipping the headphones and mic over her head she patch in to the towers radio chanel.

''Visability - 60%. Weather -Clear, chanceof high winds'' Lisa's radio crackled as Paddy briefed her on the details from the tower.

''Roger'' she replied.

She moved the plan out onto the run-way and power up the engines.

''Left engine okay...right the same'' She said, following protocal.

''You're grand to go. Safe flying'' Paddy replied.

Lisa pushed the throttle forward and pulled the lever back lifting the plane into the night sky. The lights of the run-way disappeared behind her and she saw the flood lights die out.

''See you tomorrow'' She thought to herself.

Chapter 2 Bravo

Paddy had just shut off the flood lights that lit the runway. The strip lights died down slowly. Conserving the petrol in the generators was vital for the maintainence of the air base. He walked over to the kitchen and put the kettle on. ''Time for a brew and a bine'' he said quietly to himself while sighing. Lisa was his best pilot. How couldshe notbe...he had trained her himself. Right after her father had disapeared after acargo flightin the desert a few years back, Paddy, being his closest friend, felt it his duty to her father totake Lisa under his wing

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